Choosing the best storage jars

Storage jars are a massive trend that has blown up in 2021, with videos spreading all over social media of organised kitchens and pantries just beaming with storage jars and containers - it is definitely something that gives us kitchen envy! But you don’t have to be filled with envy, you can have your kitchen exactly the way you want.
Where to start? Choosing the best storage jars can be tricky because there’s so many out there, for so many different things! Believe me, we understand! This buyer’s guide will take you through the steps and things to consider when choosing the best storage jars for you, your needs, and your kitchen. Before you know it, your pantry will be circulating social media giving others kitchen envy!


When it comes to choosing the best storage jars, one hurdle to jump over is the material. There are many materials of storage jars available, e.g., stainless-steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic, but in this Buyer’s Guide we will focus on the two most popular, glass and plastic.



- Toxin free. Glass storage jars won't leach toxins (BPA & Phthalates)

- Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe (most of them)

- Non-porous; bacteria can be fully cleaned out

- Recyclable

- Won't warp overtime

- Transparent


- Heavy

- Breakable

More expensive

- No to easily stacked or stored

- Less transportable



- Lightweight

- Portable

- Less breakable

- Easy to store / stack


- Not recyclable

- Some will teach toxins when heated

- Some acidic foods will cause leaching

- Can retain smells & stains

- Can warp overtime


To help you in choosing the best storage jars, you also need to consider what you will be using them for. Are you wanting to store your leftovers? Are they for your dried goods? Are they for décor in the kitchen? Depending on what you what them for can change which ones are best for you.

- Pasta

- Flour

- Cereals

- Oats

- Pulses

- Rice

Often all of these products come in bland, boring packaging that never goes with your kitchen décor, so transferring them into storage jars seems like the way forward.

When choosing the best storage jars for dried foods, you will want to opt for airtight containers to keep your contents as fresh as possible, so there’s no money or food waste.

It would be a good idea to opt for containers with wide open lids for contents like flour – so you can get a scoop in there and save the mess of pouring! Check these out for a plastic option or a glass option.

Choosing the best storage jars for chilled foods, or last nights left overs means choosing those that are airtight! This is to ensure they are as fresh as possible for your next meal.
Left overs often work best in square/rectangle storage containers as opposed to
cylindrical jars so we would recommend this, however, if you love to prepare foods for later that day, particularly fruit or veg, cylindrical jars can work great – and are ideal for storing water with your contents to ensure their freshness.
Ensure to grab some labels for your jars and containers to make sure you pick up the right lunch! However, if reheating your left overs, ensure to use glass containers so there’s no risk of leaching toxins into your food, and if storing in the freezer be sure to check if your plastic container is freezer safe – meanwhile, glass ones are all mostly safe.

- Last night's left overs

- Food prep

- Tomorrow's lunch

- Anything for the fridge!

- Home made juices

- Soups

- Milkshakes

- Milk

Do you love making home made juices, soups, or milkshakes? Storage jars can be a great solution for all your liquids. Like the other foods we’ve covered, choosing the best storage jars for liquids means airtight! This is to keep the contents fresh, but also to ensure there’s no spillages.

You can opt for bottle storage jars like these so they are easy to pour from, or any other airtight containers will be just as good for storing.

By this, I mean your tea, coffee, sugar, and of course sweet treats! If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional kitchen canisters, storage jars can be a great option.

Choosing the best storage jars for kitchen side essentials means go for airtight! Glass storage jars are a great option as they add a very modern, on-trend look to your kitchen, but if these things aren’t going to be kept on the side then plastic containers will work just as well!

- Tea

- Coffee

- Sugar

- Biscuits

- Sweets

- Make up

- Bathroom essentials

- Fairy Lights

- Stationary

Storage jars aren’t just handy in the kitchen but all over your home! Use storage jars for your cotton buds and hair bands, stationery and office accessories, and even as decorative pieces or candle holders!

Choosing the best storage jars for these will all depend on what it’s for, some won’t need a lid, so these would be a great option, or not need to be airtight, or you may want them to securely fasten.


Even when storage jars are hidden behind cupboards doors or away in the fridge, we still want them to look good and match with our kitchen aesthetic, so when choosing the best storage jars you need to keep in mind the style you’re looking for.


The signature looks of most storage jars, especially glass, is the metal wire lock and clip top lid. This stainless-steel feature radiates industrial tones in all kitchens – whether industrial, contemporary, or vintage. These are a timeless go to for all kinds of interiors.

Vintage Farmhouse

Choosing the best storage jars for vintage kitchens can be quite easy, as most glass storage jars radiate a vintage feel with their classic wire clip top lid. A traditional farmhouse charm can be a great addition to your kitchen if you’re already down the line vintage. The classic wire lock, as well as the embossed design, are a sure statement piece in any farmhouse style interior.


For homes and kitchens that are very modern and on trend, contemporary storage jars are very easy to find. Choosing the best storage jars in this style is very simple, look for clean, minimalist glass silhouettes, or transparent plastic containers.


The connoisseurs of storage and organisation themselves, with minimalist tones as their signature look. Scandinavian style storage jars are ideal for those choosing the best storage jars for their minimalist, simple kitchens, and homes.

Opt for clean-cut glass silhouettes or natural wood tones to achieve this look; very much an on-trend aesthetic of 2021.


How about if you’re trying to go for something different; you want your kitchen to be different to everyone else’s. Choosing the best storage jars for this leads you only to the retro look.

Bold colours, dramatic edges, and iconic Italian style will give you the retro aesthetic you’re looking for – these storage jars from Italian glassmakers Bormioli Rocco ae the epitome o retro.

Top Tips

- Organise your current storage first then you can embark on choosing the best storage jars, dependant ton what you have left and what you need

- Keep one style throughout your kitchen for a better overall aesthetic

- Consider longevity when evaluating prices

- Choose shapes best for what you’re storing

- Keep in mind who will be using these containers (children + glass = never good!)

- Check microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven use before you buy!

- Get labels for them!

This Nicola Spring 500ml Glass Storage Jar has a charming heart embossed design that will fill your home will a little love. Practically, 500ml is great for all your sweet treats, fruits, sugar, and small packs of dried foods. The clip top lid and silicone seal creates a strong airtight seal that will keep the contents as fresh as possible, so you won’t be wasting any food nor money! With alternative silicone rings available, you can opt for orange if it’s more suited to you and you can buy heart shaped labels to fit perfectly onto the storage

Nicola Spring 500ml Glass Storage Jar

These are a great option for those opting for a Scandi look. With smooth rolled edges providing an overall smooth glass effect and light wood lids, these storage jars blend seamlessly on any kitchen side. However, they don’t only look good, these are still airtight so will keep contents as fresh as possible, with high quality glass that’s perfect for busy kitchens and households. The depth of the lid allows for easy removing and replacing. So, they’re all round a practical and stylish essential!

Argon Tableware 3pc Wooden Lid Glass Storage Jars - 1L

These are our best-selling plastic containers that are produced from hard-wearing plastic providing a virtually unbreakable storage solution. With an airtight seal and dual clasp for secure closing, you can keep pretty much anything inside, and it will remain fresh. Also, the great thing with these containers is they are stackable, so are great for small spaces, especially if combining more than one container – they will fit perfectly together for a space-saving hack and a great look. These 700ml containers are ideal for packed lunches for work and school. These are available in black or white.

Argon Tableware 700ml Plastic Food Container

You can shop all our storage jars here.

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