How to have an organised Kitchen

Nobody likes working in an unorganised kitchen, but nobody likes it when someone else organises it for us. You’d be in the middle of something, or worse in a rush, you’ll reach for your something and it’s not there! If you were to ask 100 people, they would all say different things on how to have an organised kitchen, the only right way is if it works for you. Here, our Buyer’s Guide will outline the easy steps regarding how to have an organised kitchen, using kitchen canisters.

Why is it important to have an organised kitchen?

How to have an organised kitchen you ask, let’s start with the basics, why is it important to have an organised kitchen?

Having an organised kitchen can improve efficiency, safety, waste, and aesthetic.

- Efficiency

Having an organised kitchen will improve your efficiency, whether in a Michelin Star restaurant or at home; when you are able to move around your kitchen easily, grab things without hassle, and use all the potential space available to you, everything can be done much quicker, without causing you stress or making things harder than they need to be.

- Safety

When you’re running around like a headless chicken, rummaging around, or generally feeling flustered and stressed, you don’t think properly and that can cause mistakes and accidents, which could potential harm yourself or others. Therefore, it’s important you know how to have an organised kitchen so you can limit this stress and thus, the safety risk. The last thing you need when making that dessert 5 minutes before rushing out the door is to cut yourself or drop something!

- Waste

When talking about waste, we mean food waste and money waste – as either way, they can be a result of the other. It’s important to have an organised kitchen because it will limit this waste, for example, when buying foods, particularly bulk buying, if you have everything organised and stored effectively, these foods will remain fresher for longer and there will be no waste, but if these are not stored properly, the likelihood is they will go out of date - and then you’ve wasted the food and the money spent on it.

- Aesthetic

As well as these practical reasons, it’s beneficial to have an organised kitchen because it simply looks and feels great. Using kitchen canisters to store essentials gets rid of bland packaging, or packaging that doesn’t fit in with your décor, instead, it makes your décor look the same, or similar, giving a lovely, tidy theme across the room.


Metal kitchen canisters are great for busy kitchens, or kitchens with children, because they are greatly durable, yet lightweight, so can easily be used and moved around, while withstanding the constant use and knocks and bumps that are inevitable in a busy kitchen. These will help you have an organised kitchen as you can store everything in metal canisters.

Metal kitchen canisters


Porcelain kitchen canisters are also great for durability and longevity, and they tend to be more decorative than other kitchen canisters. Some porcelain canisters can be microwave and dishwasher safe, so it’s important to check before you buy them, but this is great for an efficient kitchen - thus a key part in learning how to have an organised kitchen.

Porcelain kitchen canisters


How to have an organised kitchen 101: decide on your kitchen aesthetic! Once you know how you’d like your kitchen to look, the style of it, the easier it will be to organise and buy the canisters you need. There’s a whole variety of styles out there so here are a few to get you thinking:


Vintage style kitchen canisters are great for adding some charming retro style into your décor whether sprucing up your already vintage interior or adding a slight touch. The vintage style often shows a sense of sophistication and appreciation for history and is becoming increasingly on trend today.


Farmhouse style can be thought of as vintage, but farmhouse is identified by its classic colour scheme of white and blue, this is usually a white product with a blue rim. The farmhouse style is and always will be timeless in most settings.


Contemporary style focuses on clean lines, subtle sophistication, and colour. This is a popular style for modern settings that want to achieve a sleek and fresh look.

What to store in kitchen canisters

It almost seems impossible to have an organised kitchen with so many things that need to be there and need to be accessible all the time! However, learning how to have an organised kitchen has never been simpler because our answer is kitchen canisters, and you’ll see why:
While storage jars and plastic food storage are great for behind cupboard doors and in the fridge, kitchen canisters are perfect for your side essentials – the things that clutter and make your kitchen look untidy:

- tea, coffee & sugar

- biscuits & sweet treats

- bread

- paraphernalia (medical supplies, washing tablets etc.,)

Top tips

- consider how you will clean your kitchen canisters, those that go in the dishwasher may be an easier option for busier homes

- look for canisters that have wide enough openings for what you want to store, for example, you will want to fit a scoop or a spoon into your canister of flour or sugar

- ensure you have airtight canisters for food

- buy the same style kitchen canisters for a stylish matching set that is consistent across room(s)

- before you do anything, declutter your sides and get rid of anything you don't really need - then you won't be buying canisters for things you aren't keeping!

Vintage Bread Bin

Made from lightweight metal, this Harbour Housewares Vintage Bread Bin is powder-coated with a gorgeous cream colour to add an industrial charm to your kitchen side, perfect for those rustic country cottage interiors. The tight-fitting lid ensures your favourite bread is kept fresher for longer and two side handles mean it’s easy to lift and manoeuvre whenever needed.

Only £17.49.

Harbour Housewares Cream Vintage Bread Bin

Hand Printed Sugar Bowl

Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese print design, the Nicola Spring Hand Printed Sugar Bowl beams charming vintage style and vibrant colour with its hand printed decoration. The hand printed nature also means no two products are the same, so you have something truly unique to you. With a matching lid and an elegantly moulded knob, access is super easy while maintaining the freshness of your sugar for that perfect cuppa!

Only £3.49.

Nicola Spring Hand Printed Light Blue Sugar Bowl

Vintage First Aid Tin

Medical supplies are definitely something that just gets chucked into random cupboards and drawers and you end up rummaging around for it thinking I need to get around to organising this – don’t worry we’ve all been there. Our Harbour Housewares Vintage First Aid Tin has a removable inner tray and segmented design so you can store all your supplies and essentials easily, and in a way that is easily accessible for those unpredictable sudden accidents! The powder-coated grey vintage aesthetic suits any décor and setting and is part of a full kitchen storage suite so you can have all your essentials looking tidy.

Only £16.99.

Harbour Housewares Grey Vintage First Aid Tin

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