3 Simple Wine Storage Ideas For Your Wine Collection

Add another touch of sophistication to your home by displaying your bottles with these wine storage ideas!

Picture this; The fires burning making the room warm and cosy, you walk over to your wine collection - which is displayed like artwork on your wall - and you open your favourite bottle of wine. You feel happy and content as you and your loved ones laugh the night away…

So, if you haven't already guessed, in this blog I am going to be talking about wine storage ideas. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just like to treat yourself to a nice bottle every so often, then you may be struggling with where to store the bottles.

You want something that is not only practical and safe, but doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of your home. Look no further, I have the answers for you below...

Let’s jump into the 3 wine storage ideas -

1. Quit Whining; Light Wood Wine Racks

From small collections to large ones, the light wood wine racks accomodate for all wine reservoir. Holding anything from 5 bottles up to 90, you can’t go wrong with this wine storage idea. They are made from high quality pine wood in a light wood shade. The light wood will brighten up your room and compliment any style of decor. You will not have to worry about building a flat pack with these as they come fully assembled; you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives with no pfaff! Designed with the customer in mind, they are lightweight making it easy to transport around your home if needed. They can store white, red, rose and even champagne bottles making them Rinkits favourite go-to wine storage ideas.

2. Mountit! - 5 Bottle wall mounted wine rack

Decorate your wall with wine with this wall mounted wine rack. With space to hold up to 5 of your favourite bottles, you will be able to turn any night into a special occasion. This mounts simply onto a wall, making it easy to hang in any room of your home. Having a wall mounted wine rack saves you any counter or floor space so it’s a fantastic wine storage idea. The horizontal racks allow the cork to remain moist, preventing unwanted air contact and therefore preserving the quality of your wine. So not only are they space saving and decorative they will also keep your wine safely stored. Who says wine labels don’t class as art?

3. Complimentit! - Dark Wood Wine Rack

Showcase 12 of your favourite bottles with the dark wood wine racks, the last wine storage idea I’m going to be talking about today. This can be stored on the floor in your living/dining room, your kitchen counter, or anywhere else you can think of. The possibilities are endless! Similar to the first one, these are crafted from natural pine however this time in a dark wood colour. The dark wood creates a statement finish which is timeless, classic and complimentary to lots of styles of decor. You can combine different sizes and colours together with our special Joining Clips (sold separately) and create a genuine and unique storage showpiece.


Wines need to be kept in a secure and safe space, specifically if you are waiting for them to mature. The only real way to store them safely is by investing in a wine rack.

That pinterest perfect room is just a wine-rack away! I hope this blog has given you some wine storage ideas and you have found one that you think will work well for you and your space.

You’ll never need to whine about wine bottle storage ever again!

As ever, thank you for reading. Until next time…
Georgina Hannan and the Rinkit Team.

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