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Floating shelves are designed to appear as if they are floating against a wall or in a corner with no visible fixtures and fittings, adding to minimalist décor for a truly stylish look. There are so many ways to decorate floating wall shelves, whether you’re looking for a formal and elegant display or a more casual environment; decorating floating wall shelves will transform tight areas and adorn your walls. Floating wall shelves are a stylish and alternative way to display everything from books and candles to crockery and towels, and unlike standard shelves, they are a lot less bulky, so they prevent a room feeling heavy – which is particularly beneficial in already smaller rooms. After some thorough research I’ve put together my top 5 ways to decorate floating wall shelves so you can create a home you can’t get enough of.

Decorate floating wall shelves with our top 5 ideas!

1. The practical, functional & memorable

decorating floating wall shelves in the bedroom

We all know finding places for all their toys, books, games, and whatever else seems to always be out on the floor, can seem impossible, there’s just so much and throwing it in a box ends up causing more stress because things have a habit of disappearing! The perfect solution is to decorate floating wall shelves with their toys and books. If you use picture ledges rather than flat shelves, the raised edge will stop toys rolling over the edge or books from sliding off.

Decorate floating wall shelves in the nursery, their bedroom, or the play room and save floor space; you can even add photo frames with cherished memories, or their favourite characters for an extra personal touch. The benefit of displaying frames on floating wall shelves is that you save the walls from multiple nails and hooks, and you can change out any of the photos at any time, so there’s no issues when the different phases start to cause a stir! Plus, you can grab floating wall shelves in a huge variety of colours, so you can create any look in any room.

2. Supplement kitchen storage

decorate floating wall shelves in the kitchen

Decorate floating wall shelves in the kitchen or dining room with pantry staples and crockery for the ultimate display of style and practicality. Using storage jars you can create a chic display of your pastas, lentils, herbs, and spices all while supplementing your kitchen storage. Feature a mug tree, a display of tea cups, even wine glasses, and plates, so they are easy to grab on the go – easier than being enclosed in cabinets – and they give your kitchen or dining room an extra decorative touch in a very functional, task-focused room.  

Displaying cook books as a way to decorate floating wall shelves in the kitchen is also beneficial practically and aesthetically, to inspire creativity as well as storing them without cluttering cupboards or drawers. If you’re growing your own herbs or spices, then keep them on display for a pop of colour and character among particularly practical items.

3. Bathroom beauty

decorate floating wall shelves in the bathroom

Bathrooms are often a place where space comes at a premium so floating wall shelves are the perfect storage solution and accessory, placed above the toilet, over the sink, or next to the vanity – in any nook and cranny. Decorate floating wall shelves in the bathroom with pretty much anything! Roll up towels and flannels, stack spare toilet rolls, store your shower gel and bubble bath, even keep a space for a candle or reed diffuser for a sumptuously scented bathroom.

If you decorate floating wall shelves in the bathroom correctly, you’ll free up bedside tables, bedroom shelves, and cabinets, keeping them clutter free while keeping your toiletries organised in one place – making it easier for you on those busy mornings. Adding a plant to your floating wall shelves in the bathroom can be a great touch to keep your bathroom feeling clean and fresh with a pop of green.

4. Natural and fragrant

decorate floating wall shelves with candles

A floating wall shelf doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with decorations or things you need easy access to, you can still make a statement with minimal detail. A simple plant, candle, or reed diffuser can do all the talking for you. Floating shelves very much add a minimalist touch to any room, so a pop of greenery and vibrance from plants and flowers blends perfectly, and of course the gentle flicker of a lit candle and the radiated aromas do nothing but add serenity and peace to the room.

Brown or white floating wall shelves can be really stylish when trying to decorate with a minimalist chic, the natural tones work well with plants and candles, adding a certain warmth to any room. However, using contrasting colours, perhaps pink or black, can be just as effective if you’re trying to add some personality and fun into a room.

5. More is more!

decorate floating wall shelves anyway

Just because your floating shelves are in one room doesn’t mean you have to decorate them in a certain way or with certain accessories – your home is your place to unleash the creative side of yourself, adding your own personality and character wherever you can.

Decorate floating wall shelves by stacking them, go 3 high, 4 high, even 3 high and 3 across! Keep them level or make them asymmetrical; keep each shelf for a certain style of products or jumble together crockery and books; showcase your favourite glassware set as well as the blanket you use to cosy up of an evening. Less is more comes into its own in most contexts and environments, but floating wall shelves are such a minimalist chic touch, you can fill them to the brim with all kinds of accessories and they won’t look overcrowded or too busy.


Floating wall shelves are not recognised for the impact they can really make in your home, they can truly transform any space, and there's so many ways to decorate floating wall shelves they suit any home, any room, and any style. I hope this has given you a few ideas and some inspiration to decorate floating wall shelves in your home, and it it has please snap that shelfie and tag us on Instagram @rinkithome, or use the #rinkithome, we would love to see what you decide to do!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy and the Rinkit team.

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