5 Ways to Organise Kitchen Cupboards with our Storage Jar Ideas

 Are you finding your kitchen cupboards are full to the brim, yet you seem to only use the items kept at the front, leaving the rest to rot? With many of us leading busy lifestyles this tends to be a common problem, however, taking the time to organise kitchen cupboards will not only help you make the most out of your cupboard kept goods, but is also incredibly therapeutic. Remember -  tidy kitchen,  tidy mind!

At Rinkit! We offer a range of versatile vessels, perfect for helping you organise your kitchen cupboards and creating beautiful kitchen displays, an easy yet very effective way of impressing family and friends! In this blog post we will run you through our top 5 ways you can use our storage jars to help you to organise your kitchen cupboards.

How to Organise your Kitchen Cupboards with our Storage Jars

 1. Perfect for the Pantry

One of the most popular ways to use our storage jars and perfect for organising your kitchen cupboards is for storing your dried kitchen goods. Think pasta, pulses, nuts, grains, tea, coffee, sugar, flour – the options are endless!

Typically, the packaging of these products isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, and it can also be very hard to see what’s what! Our brand-new Argon Tableware Plastic Food Storage Containers are an ideal kitchen storage alternative to organise your kitchen cupboards. 

Stack them up so you can see multiple products in one and move them about with ease. As they’re constructed from plastic these are perfect if you have young children, because you won’t need to worry about glass smashing on the floor.

Another great option for storing your dried goods is our classic style Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars. These jars offer up a much more traditional, vintage style and come in a range of sizes to suit all your cupboard good needs! Plus, you can also buy with them our Glass Storage Jar Chalk Board Labels, so you can easily see what’s what and it creates a striking vintage effect.



 2.  Keep it Clean

We all know that cleaning product packaging isn’t always the prettiest, and I’m sure like most people, you prefer to hide it away. However, a trend which is on the rise is the practice of displaying washing products, such as your laundry detergent and tablets, in storage jars to help organise your kitchen cupboards. It turns out cleaning products are actually much more appealing than expected, once the packaging is removed!

An increasingly popular style of storage jar to keep your cleaning products in is the humble carafe! Our Argon Tableware Brocca Glass Carafes come with white Lids, making them an ideal option for this purpose as they’ll keep everything perfectly sealed and create a cool and clean aesthetic.

We also have a new style of glass bottle from Argon Tableware which is due to come into stock in the next two weeks. The Glass Bottle comes in three sizes  and is accompanied with a cork lid, offering a more natural, Scandi appeal to your cleaning product storage and something we think will look totally unique in your kitchen or utility! 



  3. Treat ya Self!

Our storage jars are not only practical for kitchen organisation but they’re also great for creating fun and vibrant displays! A particularly perfect way of doing this is by storing sweet treats inside them. Think skittles, bonbons, marshmallows and more – a great idea for pleasing your little ones, although we recommend keeping out of reach!

We think our LAV Sera Glass Storage Jars work best for this use, like we’ve done so here, owing to their classic style and elegant shape, these storage jars are ideal for curating a traditional sweet shop visual!



4. Add a little bit of spice…

 If there’s one way to let guests know you’re a culinary god/goddess, it’s by ensuring your kitchen beholds a beautiful herb and spice display – God forbid anyone would think you don’t know how to create flavour in your cooking!

For a minimalist scandi aesthetic our 110ml Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars with Cork Lids are a perfect addition, with the wooden tones from the cork lid offering an earthy, boho feel, whilst also keeping your seasons sealed!

 Or for a more functional farmhouse appeal we recommend our 70ml Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars. The stainless-steel twisted wire clip top lid locks freshness and flavour inside the jar with the aid of a orange silicone ring - designed to offer far greater longevity of performance than traditional rubber.



 5. Pet treats

For those of you with four legged furry friends, why not treat them to their very own organisation station and store your pet food in our kitchen storage jars.

 Pet food packaging isn’t exactly known for being the prettiest, and it can often look messy and cluttered. Store them in our range of jars and you have a much more convenient canister to pour at feeding time, which also looks super sleek and organised, win-win!  

 Our brand new LAV Duo Glass Storage Jars are an ideal option for this, as the glass material and silicone lid are perfect for keeping for your pet food fresh, whilst also beholding a sleek and stylish Scandi aesthetic.

Alternatively, our Argon Tableware Wooden Loop Lid Storage Jars are also a great option for this purpose as the leather loop allows for easy opening and the wooden lid provides texture and natural tones to suit modern, industrial and rustic styles.



There we have it, 5 ways for you to organise your kitchen cupboards with our wonderful range of stylish storage jars!

Shop the full range of storage jars here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and feel ready to get organised in your kitchen! If you do decide to purchase our storage jars for your very own organisation stations make sure you show us by tagging us @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome because we love to see it!

As always, thank you for reading.

Love Helena and the Rinkit Team.  


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