A Complete Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture

In my opinion, there’s no better way to make your garden your own then by personalising it with some trendy garden products. When it comes to buying outdoor furniture, you have to take into consideration the space you have, who will be using them, storage/portability and of course - your style.

Everything you need to know about buying outdoor furniture

In this blog I’m going to be taking you through everything you need to know about outdoor furniture. So sit down, put your feet up and let me find the best buys tailored for you.

Storeit; buying outdoor furniture for smaller spaces

Bistro sets 

If you are low on space, then buying outdoor furniture can seem like an impossible task. Our Bistro sets are perfect for both countryside gardens or small city balconies. The compact design means they are able to fit perfectly in smaller spaces. They fold down making storing them in the winter months a lot easier and leaving you with more of that precious space. The table top has been perfectly designed for two people, whether that's a candlelit date night or a summer evening meal and cocktail with your best friend.  

Deck chairs 

Deck chairs are a classic staple when it comes to relaxing in the garden. The Brighton beach deck chair adds an early twentieth century vibe to your space. They are durable and lightweight, with a wooden frame making them both easy to move and weatherproof. And if that’s not enough they even fold down flat so they can be taken on a summer holiday with you. These are great for chilling out on with a nice cold drink and a book (just like me in the above image!). 

Liftit; outdoor furniture that’s easy to manoeuvre 

Resol tables and chairs 

Bring a taste of Spain to your garden by buying outdoor furniture by Resol. Resol is made from injected polypropylene, making it not only suitable for all types of British weather but also lightweight. If you need something that can be easily moved around without any heavy lifting then Resol is perfect for you. Our tables fit 4 to 6 chairs- everything you need for a family gathering or hosting a garden party with your friends. These are also great for families with kids and they can be wiped down easily. 

Resol Palamos Sun loungers

The Resol Palamos sun lounger comes with a large wheel attached, so you can easily move it around your garden and chase the sun all day long! If you struggle with lifting then this is the perfect solution, the wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre along the floor with minimal effort. It comes with 3 reclining positions so you can nap, read or sip on drinks in ultimate comfort. 

Brightenitup; colourful outdoor sets 

Marina sun loungers - 

Our Marina sun loungers are perfect for adding some vibrant colour to your garden. If minimalist styles aren't for you then the colourful canvas loungers are perfect. Nothing says summer like bright colours, and what better way to enjoy the sun then looking at a mood boosting yellow or orange. The canvas beds will transport you away and bring a taste of Costa Brava to your back garden. Buying outdoor furniture has never been so easy! And If the bright colours are a no-no for you, don’t worry, we still have these in black and white too! 

Coloured Bistro sets 

If your garden looks a bit too minimal for your taste, why not spice it up with one of our colourful bistro sets? With 7 colours available, in all of the latest trending colours, we can guarantee you will find one to suit your vibe. As I said before, these are perfect for smaller spaces including balconies, patios and turfs. Buying outdoor furniture with colour will add something special to any space. 

Play time fun; buying outdoor furniture for kids and families -

Resol Kids Chairs - 

If you’re not only looking at buying outdoor furniture for yourselves but also something for the kids to enjoy then we have the perfect thing! Our Resol mini children's chairs are easy to clean (and we all know that when it comes to kids that’s a must!) and easy to stack, making storing them easier. These come in a variety of vibrant colours with a cute teddy bear design to bring some cheer to any garden or wendy house. Let your little ones enjoy some arts and crafts or a picnic lunch in the garden with these Resol chairs. 


Protecting little ones from burning is so important, with a gazebo or parasol, this job is a little bit easier. Our Harbour Houseware parasols and bases are ideal for putting up and blocking those harsh sun rays, allowing the kids to enjoy their time outside without you having to worry. Of course, these are great for all ages and can be used in tables or over a picnic blanket or sun lounger. Each parasol comes with a 12kg base, offering high level protection and strength - so it won’t be accidentally knocked over. These are a staple for a sunny summer in the garden. 

Lightitup - Buying Outdoor furniture for evenings  

Fire Pits 


Extend your time outside with an outdoor fire pit. These are perfect for when it starts to get chilly in the summer evenings but you still want to enjoy the garden. Whether you’re making smores with your family, snuggling up for a romantic date night or toasting to good times with your pals, a fire pit is a must when it comes to buying outdoor furniture. We have sizes ranging from 55.5cm to 100cm, so there’s something to suit all spaces.  To find out more benefits of having an outdoor fire pit, click here to see a blog about. 

Fire Torches 

Another great way to keep your garden lit and cosy for your summer evening gatherings is by getting some fire torches. They create an atmosphere that goes far beyond the cosy confines of your house. They also disassemble into 4 pieces for convenience and storage, so you can put them up and take them down whenever you need too. The natural firelight from the light creates an inviting ambiance that will make for an unforgettable night. No matter what style your garden is, these fire torches will keep the party going long into the night!


With so many options out there for smaller spaces, bigger spaces, parties or families, buying outdoor furniture has never been easier! Of course, this is just a selection of outdoor furniture we have at Rinkit, so be sure to check out the full range; with hopefully now a bit more knowledge on what’s best for you! 

I trust this guide has helped take all of the hard work out of buying outdoor furniture, so we can all enjoy the ease of restrictions just in time for summer! 

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

Love Georgie and the Rinkit team

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