A picture is worth a thousand words” – So gift a photo frame this Valentine’s Day

A picture is worth a thousand words” – So gift a photo frame this Valentine’s Day

In this world of personalisation nothing is as personal as a cherished photograph, and what better than one of our photo frames, including our hugely popular frames with hearts icons – ideal for Valentine’s Day.


Nicola Spring Picture Frames for Valentines


Why not grab your camera or smartphone today and take a perfect shot. And to help you, we have asked our in-house photographer Ben for his top 5 tips for that perfect image for your photo box or frame

Lighting – When taking photos of people, always try to have whatever form of light you have at your disposal behind you, be that indoor lighting or the sun. This will help light up your subject. If the light is behind your subject and facing you, your photo will often be over exposed.

Framing – We all like our photos to stand out and one way of making sure that happens is by framing your subject correctly. Most cameras (including smart phones) these days have the rule-of-thirds gird displayed on them to help you frame your photo correctly. To find out more about the rule-of-thirds see this link.

Your background – A busy background can make for many distractions and take focus away from your subject. Having a background with negative space, bold colours or a theme can help your subject stand out more.


Smart phone photography – Fortunately these days we take close to a professional looking photo using just our smart phones. When taking photos of people always try to shoot portrait (vertical) and when shooting landscape, of course shoot landscape (horizontal). There also many free apps you can download to edit your photos to get them that extra pop! I myself use VSCO when on the move editing on my phone. There are many others out there which I suggest you try to find out what works for you.


Printing your images – Invest in good quality photo paper when printing or use a kiosk picture printing service


If trying your hand at photography is too much, we also have a range of other heart logo products throughout our online store, take a look through our heart collection.

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