Bathroom Storage Solutions for Smaller Spaces

Not everyone has the luxury of living in a huge space, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously in a small space. In this blog, I will go through some ideas which have helped me make the most out of my small living quarters. Everyone knows that clutter causes stress, and a messy bathroom can be the worst. I want to show you some bathroom storage solutions which will help you achieve more methodical storage, allowing you to move around freely without tripping over your laundry basket.

5 Products to help you with your Bathroom Storage Solutions

Floating Glass Shelves


The secret to keeping your bathroom uncluttered is making sure the floor is clear, allowing you to move around more freely. There’s no need to waste a perfectly good wall, the space above the toilet can be an ideal area for some bathroom storage solutions. Floating glass shelves make for an ideal storage solution for those extra hand towels, toilet roll and other bath products. 


Floating Box Shelves

Utilize the other walls in your bathroom in a fun and aesthetically pleasing way with a few floating box shelves. There is no need to have anything messing up your bathroom floor, using these box shelves allows you more space to put bathroom products such as soaps, hair products, and other smaller items used in your bathroom. You can also add a touch of personality by adding a few small ornaments or maybe even a little aloe vera plant. 


Typha belly Baskets

Not everyone can drill holes and put up shelves, some of us rent homes and don’t have the same options that a lot of homeowners do, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put up with untidy and cluttered bathrooms. Baskets are a great bathroom storage solution, and they don’t require any kind of structural change to your space. These Nicola Spring Handwoven Typha Belly Baskets are the perfect place to chuck your dirty clothes and keep them off the floor or use them to store your extra towels. Keep the baskets tucked next to your bathroom sink, utilizing your space methodically.


Toilet & Bin

The bathroom is typically a place in which a lot of mess can be created, whether it’s getting ready for a night out, or preparing yourself for a hefty day at work. It’s always important to dispose of those make-up wipes and cotton buds properly. No one wants to have to come home to clean up the huge mess they made in the morning rush. Having a discrete yet aesthetically pleasing bin that can fit a lot of rubbish is quintessential to maintaining a tidy bathroom, allowing you to keep things clean as you get ready. Having a matching toilet brush is not just a bonus, having a matching product can make your bathroom space look a lot neater and just overall just gives your area that clean, uniformed look.


Toothbrush Holder

Okay, okay, so a toothbrush holder is hardly a revelation in terms of bathroom storage solutions, however, they can be very useful. Having a nice looking toothbrush holder that potentially matches other bathroom accessories can help give the illusion of space as it reduces clutter and uniforms your surface tops. Not only that but toothbrush holders can also be used for other essential toiletries such as soaps, razors, floss etc. This Harbour Housewares 3 Piece Concrete Bathroom Accessories Set allows you to have a smart-looking toothbrush holder and a matching toilet brush/holder and soap dispenser. This will give you that clean uniformed look that will go a long way to improving your storage situation.



Well, I hope that this blog has given you some ideas on bathroom storage solutions. Hopefully, this will get the ball moving and start your process of utilizing those smaller bathrooms! Writing this has been so interesting and has even given me some more ideas on how to make the most out of my living quarters.

Thank you so much for reading! We would love to see what kind of bathroom storage solutions you can create! So share your tidy bathrooms with us, and tag us @rinkit or #RINKIT on Instagram.

Love Gio and the Rinkit team 

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