BBQ Accessories to make BBQing Easier

Summer is incoming, and nothing screams summer more than setting up the ultimate BBQ cookout! That means we need to get preparations underway to avoid last minute purchases, hassle, and stress. We’ve done some thinking and put this blog together for you compiling all the BBQ accessories you need for a stress free, fun, and of course delicious BBQ days! We cover everything from the basics, i.e., something to cook on, to the BBQ accessories you need to cook with, and then the crockery you need to serve and enjoy your juicy burgers, chargrilled kebabs, or veggie treats. Check out our BBQ collection, where you can find the BBQ accessories and tools in one place

All the BBQ accessories you need to be as good as those down under

Fire Pit

First things first, before you tackle all of the other BBQ accessories, the first must-have is a BBQ or fire pit! You may already have yourself a BBQ or perhaps you’re completely starting from scratch and you’re reading this blog for some inspiration – well, let us inspire you, by emphasising how handy a fire pit is to double as a BBQ.

The term BBQ accessories sounds like it’s the things that look good – but it’s also the things you need. A fire pit will create a stylish statement piece in your back garden, even when it’s not in use, you can use it some days for just a fire, to stare nostalgically into the flickering flames, maybe even toast marshmallows, and other days you can use it as a BBQ and get some burgers grilling decadently. Take our steel garden fire pit set, coming with a 54cm steel fire pit, a removable mesh dome lid, and a 2-tier grill system, you’ve got the ultimate set up, all for an affordable price! We also have bigger options, perhaps 72.5cm sounds better to you with our cast iron fire pit, grill and dome set.

Having the BBQ accessories that suit your demands is important, so choose the fire pit with handles if you’ll be moving it around, the one with removable legs for easy storage, or choose the portable one if you’re a keen camper or day tripper. Ensure you’ve got all the BBQ accessories you need, with domes and grills sold separately, and even log baskets to keep your fire pit topped up and garden looking tidy.


BBQing 101: have the right tools! BBQ accessories that function exactly the way you need will help you deliver the BBQ of the year every time – maybe even better than those down under (if that’s possible). Our BobbyQ range has all the BBQ accessories you need including cooking tools, and a grill brush.

Our BobbyQ BBQ tools sets are available in sets of 3 or 4, in a sleek black or industrial silver finish. Our 3-piece set includes tongs, a fork and a spatula kept in a handy tool case for convenient and protected storage – the 4-piece set includes all of this plus a handy grill brush to keep everything clean.

These BBQ accessories have wooden handles for sturdy and durable equipment you can rely on for years of use, and each handle measures at 50cm to keep hands and fingers well away from the smoke and heat. The tool heads are made from strong and reliable stainless steel which can withstand constant use (not that we ever have good enough weather for a multitude of BBQs), so these features combined provide a comfortable and practical hold, so you’ve got great food without slaving away in the heat with sore hands.


The next BBQ accessories to tackle are your crockery. It’s often handy to have yourself a separate crockery set for your outdoor dining and BBQ days; some crockery that can withstand more trauma as accidents are inevitable and you don’t want to ruin your favourite crockery pieces – and have to fork out to replace them.

A great place to start is with enamel crockery. Enamel plates are of course super handy and ideal for this type of dining, with the classic pressed-steel construction they’re the ultimate blend of lightweight and durable, so they’re no hassle to carry around while you wait for your burger and rotate around the buffet table, and they won’t shatter if accidently dropped or knocked. Plus, with the vibrant enamel coating, these plates are super easy to clean and are protected against all weather conditions – which we all know is a great benefit with the rigours and unpredictability of British weather! Don’t forget to grab some enamel bowls too; you’ll need some for serving, some for dessert, and of course some for a healthy serving of salad.

Bamboo crockery also makes for great BBQ accessories with the natural, incredibly strong properties bamboo has, as well as the fact it is the environmentally conscious, renewable alternative to all other crockery. We have 25.5cm, large serving bowls ideal for a delicious serving of potato salad, couscous, fresh salad, or even a decadent dessert! Now you’ve got an idea of the BBQ accessories you need you can start to prepare for summer 2022 and all the delicious BBQs you’ll have surrounded by friends and family. Importantly, no matter how much fun you’re having, always remember safety when you’re BBQing, try and keep a bucket of water near at all times and don’t let kids or pets near the fire pit or BBQ!

Once summer is underway and you’re enjoying your first BBQ with all the BBQ accessories acquired, snap us a picture or two and tag us on Instagram @rinkithome or use the #rinkit, we’d love to see what you’re getting up to!

As always, thanks for reading,
Love, the Rinkit Team

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