Christmas Gift Ideas for your Friends & Family


Christmas has always been about creating wonderful memories with your friends and family. Christmas can always be a tricky one for people as the stores leading up to the big day are just filled with uninspired and easy gifts that don’t take much thought or effort at all. Surprising and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas have always made for a more personal and loving Christmas experience. In this blog I will look at some creative and fun Christmas gift ideas that should hopefully inspire you to put more thought into your gifts this year.

Get Creative!

There is nothing more meaningful than receiving a gift from someone who clearly had you in mind when creating it. These kinds of Christmas gift ideas can be so simple, such as a handwritten letter, or a simple scrapbook filled with pictures and wonderful memories. No matter what the expense is, a gift that has been physically made for you will always impact in a stronger way than any gift just bought at the shop. Here’s a few creative Christmas gift ideas to show your loved ones just how much they really mean to you.

Jars Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas!

One of the most useful, durable, and long lasting gifts you could give to someone would be a collection of glass storage jars! A collection of really well crafted glass jars is a great Christmas gift idea in itself, but they could also be a very creative and aesthetically pleasing way of displaying another thoughtful gift. You could fill a jar with some home-baked treats such as rocky road or brownies. The gift receiver could then keep the jars and reuse them for whatever suits their fancy, making it a great and long lasting Christmas gift idea. Check out these Bormioli Rocco 4 Piece Fido Glass Sets, a perfect set that can be given to 4 different friends or family members, each with their own personal homemade treat inside.


Another great and creative christmas gift idea is framing a one or a few pictures with you and the person receiving your gift in a stylish and simple frame. This is a sure fire way of making gifts that shows thought and care, making for a more personal Christmas present. At Rinkit! We have a wide variety of Nicola Spring Box Frames that would be perfect for this. Utilize these frames in other unique ways for more meaningful Christmas gift ideas. Why not paint a portrait or write a poem and frame it for your recipient. Whatever you choose to do with these box frames they will make a great gift for a friend or family member.


Christmas is that time of year when there seems to be an abundance of flowers! One thing is for sure that you can never really have enough places to display your favourite flowers. A great and creative christmas gift idea could be a hand crafted and masterfully designed glass vase, that you could double up by displaying your recipients favourite flowers. Not only would this make for a very sweet present, but they could also keep the vase and reuse it all year round. Take a look at this Spring Jebel Recycled Glass Vase from Nicola Spring, not only is it made from 100% recycled material but is also the perfect clear glass for displaying those beautiful flowers. Also, take the opportunity to look at the whole Jebel Range and double up you gift by getting your recipient matching glassware to make their favourite christmas drink!

Well, that about wraps this blog up (pun intended) I hope this has given you some inspiration on making a more creative and meaningful Christmas this year.

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Like always, thank you for reading!
Love Gio, and the Rinkit team

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