Creating a home office

Lockdown may be lifting, but many people are opting to keep on creating a home office to suit them! If you are one of those lucky people then keep on reading...

As lock down lifts there's a strong chance you will be working from home more often. Whether it’s till the end of the year, month, or just twice a week until we are back to the norm, Rinkit has you covered for all your home office needs. We’ve got all the solutions to creating a home office without fuss, fret or faff within a budget you’ll fancy...

Some are lovers of this lifestyle, getting the washing done in your breaks, snacking on the dinner food for lunch, or preparing that 5 o’clock wine we tell ourselves we don’t need while we pour at 4.54pm. Others are not so keen, they prefer being surrounded by a team to help them through the difficult day. It certainly makes the day go quicker and you don’t have the naughty distraction of Netflix.

Setting up a Desk for Success


Creating a home office


When it comes to the space at hand you need to work out what will fit and how you want it set up. Check out these tips for creating a home office:

Tip 1. Make sure you measure.

There's nothing worse than ordering a desk for that small corner of the room and then realising it doesn’t even fit. So make sure you know how long or wide you want your desk to be and find the right desk for you to create a home office of dreams from our range of folding desks, smart steel frames and wooden classic tables and chairs.

Tip 2. Complete the job.

Where there's a desk there is always a chair. Make sure its a comfy one that folds away giving you more space and less worry in your home. Choose from our extensive range of desk chairs to create a home office space ready to get you started straight away. 

Finding The Right Fit

Whether you are looking for a show stopping desk for your office, or a space saving solution for under the stairs, we’ve got you covered when creating a home office.

When creating a home office unique to you, why not start off with the Harbour Housewares small Glass Computer desk. A sophisticated desk made from high strength black steel framework and a clear tempered glass top to give you a contemporary feel and vibe to your space.

Without taking up too much room, these linear looking desks fit all you need to get you set up and working comfortably.

To complete the overall look and get you even more organised, why not match it with the Harbour Housewares Padded Folding Chair for extra comfort and space saving storage.


creating a home office


Next up we have the Classic Deluxe Wooden Folding Desk perfect for your home office. At Rinkit we ensure our desks are designed to be storage friendly and give the space saving solutions you need. Having a folding desk not only means you can store it away when it’s not in use but also that you can get it set up and ready in a matter of seconds. So if you need to create a home office or have people over for dinner and you need a buffet station, this folding table will always come in handy no matter what occasion.

A perfect desk for guest bedrooms, dorm rooms, family events or small spaces. The sleek black colour matches any interior design theme or colour palette so it can be used anywhere for anything you need.


creating a home office


My final favourite is the unmatchable Harbour Housewares Small Wooden Folding Desk. This wooden computer table is the ultimate surface suitable for whatever you may need; a last minute office, arts and crafts station or an outside buffet BBQ table. The simple clips on the sides ensures stability when in use and ease when you fold it away. The protective caps on each leg adds to the support and strength. Creating a home office has never been easier.

creating a home office

Harnessing that Home Office Hype!


creating a home office


Creating a home office doesn't stop there!

Once you have found the right desk and chair for your space, it’s time for the fun part: Accessories! Creating a home office that motivates and inspires you means you’ll work harder and happier, a true win win. The things that help me to stay on track are:

A large glass of water, especially in this heat wave. Such as from the Duralex Picardie Traditional Tumbler Glasses - 500ml.

Some pretty Coasters to decorate and ensure no water rings or stains in sight. The lovely Argon Tableware 6 Square Marble Stone Drinks Coasters will save that worktop!

An inspiring poster with the stunning poster hangers are a must- Nicola Spring Poster Hangers.

Some plants provide a hint of green and studies have proven that houseplants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%! So reduce your stress levels and boost your mood with some greenery, and why not a pretty pot with Nicola Spring Hand-Printed Garden Plant Pots.

To bring a little brightness to your desk area why not add in some picture frames with some motivating memories to get you through your working day.

The Insta Worthy Picture

Once you are happy with your space, layout of accessories and are content with a cup of tea, please show off your masterpiece and tag us on insta at @rinkithome or with #Rinkithome so we can celebrate your success!

I promise creating a home office with these simple and easy steps can give you the Pinterest desk décor you deserve. I hope working from home is a little more enjoyable from now on with all the necessities and decorations you desire.

As always, thank you for reading,

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team.

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