Get ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee in style with our Jubilee garden party ideas

Create a day to remember for the whole family celebrating Britain's longest reigning monarch. We've put together our favourite ideas from decorating the tables, serving delicious treats and pouring your favourite tipple or two.

Our favourite jubilee garden party ideas at Rinkit!

Cocktails & mocktails

First for our Jubilee garden party ideas, are the cocktails and mocktails! Nothing is more refreshing than a mix of your favourite juices, ice and spirit (if you prefer), on a warm summer's day. Why not make a mix for the whole party and serve it in our 1.8L Tallo Glass Water Jug - By Argon Tableware or 1.7L Clear Bar Tapered Jug - By LSA. Both of these jugs have plenty of capacity to keep drinks topped up and the large opening at the top means you can add fresh fruit and plenty of garnish.

For the drinks themselves we have a huge range of glassware for your jubilee party to suit almost every need.

Cater for Gin & Tonic drinkers for your jubilee in your party with the 645ml Multicoloured Misket Gin Glasses - Pack of Six - By LAV. These glasses add a splash of colour to the proceedings while being able to hold a large quantity of ice and ingredients. They are also dishwasher safe making the clean-up after so much easier, making them a great jubilee garden party idea - who likes washing up?!.

A refreshing beer or cider on a warm day is a must. The 380ml Pilsner Beer Glasses - Pack of Four - By Rink Drink perfectly straddle a gap between fashion and function, allowing you to enjoy the maximum amount of flavour and aroma without compromising on the perfect head. The extra-thick glass construction of the 290ml Stern Tankard Glass Beer Mugs - Pack of 2 - By Bormioli Rocco will help to preserve the temperature of your chosen beer for longer and bring a certain je ne sais quoi (or lo non so che cosa) to the party.

If your jubilee garden party is blessed with warm weather and sunshine then keeping your drinks cool will be key. Get your set up right with matching drinks and ice buckets from Harbour Housewares, a clear favourite of ours for jubilee garden party ideas. They are lightweight, durable and suitable for outside use thanks to their powder coated metal construction.



For those at your jubilee garden party with a sweet tooth you need to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around. Chocolate cake is said to be Queen Elizabeth's favourite and we can understand why, hence why this is a must have jubilee garden party idea!! If you're making a large celebration cake, you'll need something to display it on, why not add the 26.5cm Clear Bee Glass Cake Stand by Joules to your kitchen accessories and make a statement. The charming bumble bee details ooze a country feel and is perfect for most occasions.

Cupcakes are another good option when hosting a garden party, they are easy to make, decorate and, most importantly, eat! Make them a highlight of your buffet table and showcase them on the 21cm 2 Tier Farmhouse White Cake Stand - By Nicola Spring.



No party is complete without a dessert, maybe you're attempting a trifle, the official pudding of the celebration, or an Eton mess, said to be the favourite of Prince William. Our glass dessert bowls are perfect for showing off the impeccable layers created, sure to wow everyone at your party. Match the trifle bowl to the bee cake stand with this beautiful Glass Bee trifle bowl from Joules. Delight your guests with individual eton mess puddings in our Diamond Ice Cream Bowls from Bormioli Rocco, a firm favourite of ours. Check out the official pudding recipe here.


Savoury Platters

A cheeseboard is a staple at almost every party and this is certainly no exception. Whether you're opting for a platter of English cheeses, or adding in some favourites from the continent, you'll need a good serving platter or two. Our Argon Tableware slate collection is incredibly popular and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every need. They are also great for dishing up some cucumber sandwich fingers!



Keep the children entertained with a game of musical thrones (yes, you read that right!) A game that has stood the test of time and is played at most parties still. The Resol mini children's chair is available in a range of different colours, alternatively a set of the Julieta children's plastic garden play chairs will also be a great option.


Table decorations

Lay your table to celebrate the Monarch in the perfect colour scheme, red, white and blue. If you're hosting a formal sit down you can't go far wrong with our glass placemats from Harbour Housewares. For a more laid-back feel why not check out our ribbed cotton placemats and tablecloths from Nicola Spring.

We hope that this has offered you some inspiration and jubilee garden party ideas on how to create a memorable jubilee garden party next month. Make sure you tag us in your set-ups on social media @rinkithome

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