Get your garden set for spring with our greenhouse tips

Get your garden set for spring with our greenhouse tips

As the evenings start to lighten it’s time to look forward to spring, and although there is still very much a chill in the air you can start preparing for spring with the help of a greenhouse.

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For the flowerbed

Fuchsias, one of the most colourful additions to a spring flowerbed, can be potted or re-potted, and watering can be increased with gentle and frequent spraying to help them to bud. A little slow release fertiliser will help too.

It’s also a great time to plant Begonias, planting bulbs hollow side upwards. Although Begonias can be planted any season, they do not like frost so a greenhouse is ideal for growing and for protecting during colder snaps.

For the vegetable patch

Easy Pull Carrots

Easy-pull carrots are easy to grow and ideal for sowing this month


For those looking to grow vegetables, now is a great time to sow salad leaves, sweet peas and even carrots - of the easy pull variety. Just because the temperature is still low, there is always something that can be sown if it is done with care and patience.

Maintain your greenhouse

Also spend a little this month and give your greenhouse and its environment a check over – whether it is a permanent glass model or convenient quick erect model:

  • Ensure when it is cold that you maintain a temperature of 5°C (42°F) so that tender plants such as Fuchsia continue to thrive. A collapsible greenhouse can be located to take advantage of sunny aspects and relocated as required. A thermometer will help you maintain a minimum temperature too.

  • Check the walls and roof of your greenhouse are still secure and insulating properly. A glass greenhouse will need broken panels replacing, while a plastic walled greenhouse can be simply fixed with some repair tape.

  • Clear leaves and twigs from the roof and base for best insulation and drainage.

  • On very sunny days don’t forget to allow a little ventilation to reduce the risk of fungal infections.


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