How To: Build Your Own Champagne Tower

How To: Build Your Own Champagne Tower

The Guide to Building Your Own Champagne Tower

When it comes to creating a centrepiece for your wedding or celebration, few things possess an ability to immediately steal the show like the Champagne Tower.

With a design rumoured to have been inspired by the voluptuous curves of French King Louis XV's mistress, Madame de Pompadour, the champagne coupe or saucer has been a symbol of luxury and lavishness for centuries. With its latest, Gatsby-inspired renaissance in full swing, the sight of the champagne pyramid has fast become the must-have accessory for those looking to celebrate in style.

This blog will guide you through each step of the creation process, helping you to confidently create your own sumptuous symbol of splendour and extravagance.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Large, Steady Surface.
  • A Serving Tray - This will help collect any run-off when you start pouring.
  • A Steady Hand.
  • Champagne Saucers - Obviously! For this tower we used 30 Rink Drink 200ml Vintage Glass Champagne Coupe Saucers.
  • Most importantly of all...Champagne! (or sparkling wine, Prosecco, etc.) - One standard bottle will fill approximately 5 glasses, so you should expect to use 6 bottles to fill the whole tower.

Base Layer of Rink Drink Champagne Tower

Step One - Started From The Bottom...

Place your serving tray on your surface of choice and then begin building the base layer of your champagne tower - 4 saucers wide by 4 saucers deep. Make sure each saucer is in contact with those beside it - this will provide the most stability while also reducing spillage when the time comes to pour.

Close Up Shot of Rink Drink Champagne Saucers

Step Two - Build Me Up, Buttercup

Begin your second layer by placing the stem of the saucer directly over the gap between the four glasses below - you should find that the base overlaps the rim of each of them.

Continue until you have a layer 3 glasses wide by 3 glasses deep.

Rink Drink Champagne Tower with Bottle

Step Three - On Top of the World

Repeat the above to construct a 2 x 2 layer, before finishing with a single saucer at the top.

You are now ready for the fun part!

Rink Drink Champagne Saucer with ChampagneRink Drink Champagne Coupe overflowingFilling Rink Drink Champagne Saucer Tower

Step Four - Gimme, Gimme Pour!

Pop the first cork on your champagne of choice and start pouring at a careful, even pace into the top saucer. As the glass overflows, the champagne will start running down into the glasses on the tier below (if you choose to leave this step until your guests are in attendance, this makes for quite the theatrical event!).

Continue until all glasses are full - you may need to top up a few depending on how the liquid flows, so be sure to keep some champagne aside.

Full Rink Drink Champagne Pyramid

Step Five - Your Grand Vision, Come Alive!

With all glasses filled, top your tower off with strawberries or any garnish of choice, and voila! Your Champagne Tower is complete!

Have you built the Rink Drink Champagne Tower? Tag us on social media and let us share in your celebration!

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