How to choose the best sun lounger for you

How to choose the best sun lounger for you

Let’s be honest, trying to shop online for a sun lounger can be confusing when there are so many options out there. Don’t stress! I am here to tell you how to choose the best sun lounger for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love online shopping (maybe even a bit too much during this pandemic) but do you ever spend a lot of time reading every single product description only to still be unsure of what’s the best option to suit your requirements? Then you are in the right place! Why not let me do the hard work for you? By the time you finish reading this post, you will know exactly the best sun lounger to buy.

Finding the Best Sun Lounger for You

Sun loungers for easy transport

Many sun loungers are designed with ease of transport in mind. If you are looking for something that is easy to move around with minimal lifting required - I would suggest the best sun lounger for you would be one with wheels.

You can purchase a sun lounger which has wheels attached already or one that gives you the option to attach them.  A lot of these sun loungers are also fully foldable, making them easy to store off-season.

If easy transportation is a key requirement for you, then why not look at the Palamos sun lounger collection from Resol? They come with two large attached wheels as well as three reclining positions for a good amount of flexibility. They are designed in a standard white colour to suit any style.

If you have been unable to take a holiday abroad due to the pandemic, then these provide a perfect solution for your staycation!

Colourful sun loungers

When I think of summer, I think of bold bright colours, cocktails outside and a good book. Well, if you think the same as me, perhaps something more colourful will be the best sun lounger for you.

Whether you are in search of relaxation or fun - bring the bold colours of the sun, or the more neutral colours of the sea to your garden to set the vibe.

In our Marina canvas sun lounger range, we offer a huge selection of colours, including; blue, yellow, orange, red, cream, green, black, grey, blue and white striped and white.

These sun loungers offer additional UV protection so you can be assured that the colours will continue to pop and won’t warp or fade in the summer sun.

Canvas Sun loungers

Canvas sun loungers are the perfect combination of comfort and style. The canvas provides complete durability and security so If you need something a little softer for your back, then this could be the best sun lounger for you.

With the added bonus of additional UV protection ensuring they will not warp or discolour in the sun. No matter where you plan on putting the sun lounger, this will bring a taste of Costa Brava to your back garden or pool this summer.

Sun loungers with added features

If you are looking for a sun lounger with a bit more of a wow factor, then you could look for something with a more unique design or shape which will leave your guests in awe.

These are best suited if you are looking for a good feature for your garden that will stay in one place (assuming you get a durable cover for the winter months), as they are not as easily transportable as the Palamos sun loungers.

If you are in search of an added luxury touch to your perfect sun lounger why not choose one with a drink and phone holder built in?  You can relax in complete comfort without missing any calls or messages, listening to music or even capturing that perfect Instagram picture. The only time you will need to move is for a cheeky refill on your drink. Talk about heaven!

Weather resistant sun loungers

If you want something that can be left outside all the time, without worrying about the extremes of British weather, then maybe this is the best sun lounger for you!

Sun loungers with texeline beds will cradle you like a hammock or a traditional deckchair. They also offer additional UV protection and are water resistant!

The Harbour Houseware range offers all of the above. These exact sun loungers were featured in House Beautiful Magazine, as ‘one of the best sun loungers to buy’.

Sun loungers that come in sets

A sun lounger for you and your partner, friend or family member and a side table makes for the ultimate summer relaxation station!

These sets typically come with 2 sun loungers and a small side table to provide you with the whole works. With a sun lounger set, you can settle down for the day without having to do much moving (sounds great right?).

The table can be used to hold your book whilst you have a nap, a bottle of water or even some snacks.

Finding you the best sun lounger with Rinkit

So, now you know that there are a lot of different types of sun loungers out there, it is time to pick-it! Hopefully after reading this you have a much better idea of the best sun lounger for you. Whether it's easy transport, a pop of colour for your décor or complete comfort, Think-it, Rink-it!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have found this blog helpful. As always, please tag us or hashtag #RINKIT with any images you post with our products, we love seeing them!

Love, Georgina Hannan

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