Must Have Barware Sets For Your Halloween Party

Your barware sets don’t have to be ghoulish!

Halloween is the best excuse to get dressed up and have fun, even in a covid safe way! With costumes, decorations, music, snacks and sweets sorted, all that’s left is the drink. There are some amazing halloween themed cocktails available, but how do you make them? Well with a properly kitted out bar you can make all of these and more! Invest in some nice barware sets and you’ll be sorted…

The Rinkit! barware sets collection

 It all starts with the shaker, that iconic piece of barware that screams sophistication and class. A cocktail shaker is a device which, unsurprisingly, is used to mix cocktails (other beverages are available) by shaking. The rapid action of a bartenders shake thoroughly mixes the liquids and prevents separation. When ice is put into the shaker this allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving. The Rink Drink 3 piece stainless steel cocktail shaker is based on the traditional cobbler/manhattan design (the one you see in pretty much every bar on the planet), chosen for their ease of use by both amateur drink enthusiasts and professionals alike. Get yourself started off right with this nifty bit of kit, we’ve even matched it up with a few different pieces of glassware so you can get it all in one: for the martinis you prefer shaken, not stirred. The margaritas that both quench thirst AND get you in the party frame of mind. Or maybe the pina colada set is more your speed, in or out of the rain? Whatever your poison, this is a vital addition to all barware sets.

We mentioned ice briefly in the last section, but we’d like to take just a sec to talk about ice tongs. They may seem a bit frivolous but ice tongs actually protect both you and whoever the drink is made for. Ice tongs prevent microorganisms from your hands from getting onto the ice cubes or shavings, and also prevent the drink makers fingers from damage. Think about how often you would be sticking your hand in ice if you were making drinks all night! That’s why we recommend using our Rink Drink Champagne Ice Bucket With Tongs! Serving as both a receptacle for the ice, as well as a place to chill your bubbly. A must have addition to any barware sets!

Add a professional touch to any cocktail party with a set of cocktail swizzle sticks, such as the Rink Drink Set of 6 Glass Cocktail Swizzle Sticks. A key addition to your barware sets, they are designed to help keep the ingredients in your beverage perfectly mixed, the design of these cocktail stirrers offers a sleek and subtle elegance that will sit beautifully in any setting.

Now, how many of us still have the popular 90’s measure and bracket sets? The ones where you pop the bottle of alcohol in and it would pour a measure out? Yeah, we didn’t think so. We don’t either. Sadly (or not, depending on your opinion) these have been omitted from the home barware sets. Fortunately you can get exactly the same effect with a simple shot glass! We feel like the shot glass suffers from a bad rap and is often glossed over in the glassware world, when in reality they are a key component to any home bar for pouring out measures. Especially when you can also simply use them to do shots! Take a look at one of our favourite shot glasses in a classic design, the LAV Aras Shot Glasses. Can you afford not to have these in your barware sets?

So you’ve measured it all out, shaken or stirred it, you’re ready to pour. Where do you pour it? A manhattan won’t have the air of sophistication it deserves if it’s poured into any old highball! And is a martini even a martini if it isn’t in the right glass? Treat yourself and your drinkee to the correct glass from your barware sets for the correct drink (without breaking the bank) with the Rinkit! selection of cocktail glasses! Trust us, you’ll notice the difference in both taste and reception of the drink when you pass it over. And now to finish it all off, serve it up with a straw that does the environment a favour - a biodegradable one!

And now you’re equipped for a fun night in this Halloween with some pro additions to all your barware sets, hopefully next year we can celebrate it in style! As always, please enjoy the social aspect of drinking and always drink responsibly. 

Sincerely yours,

Jack Maile

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