Our Spookiest Halloween Decorations for your Home

With scary season creeping upon us there’s no better time to get prepared, using our spookiest Halloween Decorations at Rinkit! 

Hosting a Halloween Party doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive. At Rinkit! we offer a wide array of the spookiest Halloween Decorations and petrifying party essentials, many of which can be used far beyond this terrifying time of year. Read on to discover our spookiest Halloween Decorations and get inspiration for your party this year!


Our Pick: Top Spookiest Halloween Decorations to give your neighbours a true fright!

 Creepy Crockery

If you’re looking to host a dinner-party this spooky season or just want to get into the spirit of things, then why not take a look at our extensive range of Fax Potato Halloween themed crockery, which will be available very soon! From petrifying pumpkin plates to Freaky Frankenstein Mugs, this collection from Fax Potato is coming soon and offers you everything you need for a Harrowing Halloween, and makes a fun and frightening addition to your existing crockery collection! Plus, if you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, the plates would look fantastic when served with party food.

You might be on the hunt for some of the spookiest Halloween decorations for your themed crockery but would also like a collection you can continue to use afterwards. Our Nicola Spring Orange Dipped Flecked Mugs and Plates are ideal for this. The vibrant tangy tone allows you to create a subtle yet stylish nod to this time of year, whilst also serving as a generally cool and contemporary addition to your kitchen. If you’re looking to go all out this Halloween, layer the dipped flecked plates with our Fax Potato Halloween range and white argon tableware plates and you have the ultimate decadent dinner table, fit for a three-course meal!

Keep it Classy!

Sticking with the dinner-party theme, we have a fantastic selection of terrifying table and dinnerware pieces, which can be used long after Halloween.

Pair our Argon Tableware Marble Wine Coolers, with our Parlane Candle Holders, like we’ve done so here, to create a grungy-gothic aesthetic, ideal for a more sophisticated take on the spookiest Halloween decoration. We’ve matched with a simple black cloth to really emphasise the spooky visual.

We’ve then layered with Argon Tableware Tumblers, White Dinner Plates and Tondo Cutlery Set, LAV Wine Glasses, and Stolzle Lausitz Champagne Flutes for the ultimate understated, yet creepy Halloween dinner party table! These are pieces, which, whilst not particularly petrifying, are timeless, and work for all seasons and all occasions, so you can use them again, and again, and again!

A Bona Fide Halloween Fiesta!

Why not pull out all the stops this Halloween with the ultimate party game, a Piñata! Our collection of spooky Halloween Piñatas, from Fax Potato, are the perfect way to bring some fun and festivities to the party, whilst staying on theme. Coming in five shapes, a Skull, Ghost, Pumpkin, Bat and Witchfind one to fit your spooky aesthetic!

Crafted from cardboard, these disturbing decorations can be easily hung from any ceiling or surface and are incredibly light-weight, so you need-not worry about them falling until the games begin! A cut-out opening in the top allows you to fill the piñata with your choice of scary sweets, candy or any other treasure, which your guests can then take turns attempting to unleash! Don't be fooled - they may be light, but these piñatas will certainly make you work for your reward.

Spooky Slate

Our collection of Slate serving plates, placemats and coasters from Argon Tableware are ideal if you’re planning on creating an on-trend grazing table this Halloween. The natural slate material offers up an industrial touch, which, when paired with additional spooky Halloween decorations, creates an overall ghoulish and gothic appeal! Ideal for meat, cheese and charcuterie boards, yum!

Disturbing Doormats

Another fun and frightening way of getting into the spirit of things this Halloween is through our Nicola Spring Halloween themed doormats. A great way of welcoming, or possibly scaring your guests, these Halloween inspired mats come in a range of colours, with punchy lines and scary styles! A great subtle touch, especially if you’re hosting this Halloween!

Get Ready with the spookiest halloween decorations from Rinkit! Today!

So, there we have it, a round up of our spookiest Halloween decorations! I hope you now feel inspired to get planning a harrowing Halloween party and start decorating using our spookiest Halloween decorations.

If you do choose to use any of the products mentioned for your Halloween decorations or any of our other products this spooky season please show us on Instagram and tag us on @rinkithome and hashtag #rinkithome, because we love to see it!

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

Love, Helena and the Rinkit! Team 


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