RINspiration - Turn a Nicola Spring Box Photo Frame into this Awesome Father's Day Gift

RINspiration - Turn a Nicola Spring Box Photo Frame into this Awesome Father's Day Gift

Here is a great way to make a unique and personal Father's Day gift using one of our best-selling Nicola Spring Box Photo Frames.

Follow our guide below, and you will have a fantastic and unique gift for Father's Day for less than £20 which will be fun to put together too...

Rinspiration Project: Superhero Box Photo Frame - WITH LIGHTS!
Ideal for: Young children with supervision and Adults
Time: Takes around 1 hour


You will need

Nicola Spring Picture Frame  

Nicola Spring 8 x 8" Box Photo Frame

We do a range of box photo frames, but the 8 x 8" size is easy to work with and gives great results. The 13mm spacer gives me plenty of room to work in, and it has a glass front panel rather than a cheaper plastic one.

Click here to view this product.



A Superhero Figure

I used a superhero figure that I had laying around. See what you have close to hand or you can buy these figures or something similar at your local toy shop or online.

 If you can't decide which superhero to go with - use several!


Letter Tiles  

Letter Tiles

I use letter tiles because I do not trust my handwriting. If you have an old Scrabble set that will never be used again, these are ideal.

Alternatively you can pick up letter tiles online easily from just  £2.00.


Arts and Craft Accessories

Arts and Crafts Essentials

You will need some white and coloured card. I used red for my design. PVA glue  is easy to work with, and as a tip I use a face paint sponge which I top with glue, so I can dab each tile to get just enough glue.

Scissors (or a craft knife), a ruler and a pencil will also be needed.


LED Light strip

Optional - Simfonio LED Light Strip - 1M Long


The ultimate finishing touch, these Simfonio LED lights run on batteries, have 20 colour options, and can be cut to fit. The key thing is that your light strip needs to be 10mm wide or less. At only 5v they are safe to work with and keep cool.

These can be found on Amazon for around £9 - Here are the ones I used for this project.

Step 1 - Prepare your background

Carefully take the frame apart, remembering the order of the parts, which from the FRONT are glass sheet, 13mm spacer, background paper, back board.

Take the background paper with the Nicola Spring Logo. Grab a piece of red card or paper (I used 200gsm red card) and with your rule mark the outline of the background paper. Now cut this out. This will be your new background paper.

Prepare your background paper

Now take some white card (Again 200gsm or above is ideal), and this time, make it 6cm smaller in width and height. This will be the backing card that you stick your letters and superhero to.

Backing paper cut ready for the background

Stick your white backing card to the red background paper making sure it is centred and nice and flat. Be careful to use a thin layer of glue so it does not squeeze out of the sides. 

Step 2 - Lay out your design and mark the mounting points

Now you can lay out your letters and superhero to work out your planned look for your picture frame. Now carefully mark the positions so that when you come to glue it down it is all in the correct position.

Background Laid Out Ready

You are now ready to glue everything down.

Step 3 - Assemble your design

Now you can carefully glue your tiles and superhero into place. This is where the face paint sponge really helps - a washing up sponge will do just as well. Brush a generous amount onto the sponge, as it will soak in a little. Now you can dab the back of each tile on the sponge, and press it onto your background.

Gluing down the tile letters

For the superhero a small glob of glue will do the trick. I spent a little longer getting the cape shape just right and glued that to my superhero's back to set it in place.

Step 4 - Add the lighting (Optional)

Put the batteries into your lights. Switch them on and set the colour and mode you wish to use, as this controller will then be covered up. Turn the lights off.

Take the 13mm frame spacer from your box photo frame and starting in a top corner, place the controller flat and stick down the lighting carefully. Push it gently into the corners and work your way around.

Laying the lights into the frame

When you get to the end, run lights gently over the controller buttons. You can now cut the lights - the ones I used have black lines showing where you can cut. You will now have lights all around the inside of your frame spacer.

Step 5 - Build the frame

You are now ready to finish your frame. Very carefully clean the glass front with some glass cleaner - BE CAREFUL - the edges are very sharp, so this should only be done by an adult, with care.

Place the outer frame face down, and carefully place your glass front inside the frame.now add your frame spacer with the lights on, being careful to ensure the power cable is right in the top corner.

Now carefully place your background with your design into the frame, keeping that battery power cable in the corner so it doe not damage your paper background.

Now put the back board with the leg stand into the frame, and carefully clip the 4 back clips into place. Turn the picture over and check you are happy that everything is straight and flat. Put a big dab of glue on the back of the battery pack and stick it to the backboard so it is hidden away. For faster results you can use a double sided sticky pad.

Battery Pack

Now switch on the lights at the battery pack and check they are working correctly and the colour and mode is correct.

The finished frame

Wrap up and hide your gift away until Father's Day!



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