Table Centrepiece Ideas for Every Home

You know when you walk into someone’s home and you’re just in awe of every part of it, and you think to yourself how I would love my home to look like this – but you don’t have the ideas, the time, or the money to pull of such magic. Well, I have combed Pinterest and Instagram to bring you my 5 favourite styles of décor and table centrepiece ideas that you can recreate affordably and without hassle so when other’s come into your home, they have that feeling of awe.

As much as you want others to be impressed with your home, it’s important you stay true to your own style, and it will always look great. A table centrepiece is a great place to start because it can completely transform your kitchen or dining room by just adding a few easy touches.

I’ve split each style into two, providing you a simple table centrepiece idea and a more creative one so you can decide which is more you – it might be that you’re only looking for a table centrepiece idea for special occasions, or actually something low-key for the everyday.

Our top 5 table centrepiece ideas you can recreate easily

1. A Modern Touch


Simple Modern Table Centrepiece Ideas

@rebeccas_rose_tinted via Instagram

In modern homes, the on-trend aesthetic that’s growing increasingly popular is the Scandi look; a chic and minimalistic aesthetic that focuses on natural tones and textures.

To recreate the first of our table centrepiece ideas, you can do so with our hand made seagrass placemats and coasters. These are hand woven from natural seagrass, so each one offers its own unique finish as well as a true chic, natural styling that is 100% recyclable – another increasingly popular trend of 2021.

Depending on how many table settings you need, you can use one of the extra placemats as the centre mat, or you can recreate this with our rectangle hand woven Typha mat for a touch of contrast.

Choose a simple, minimalist vase like this for your table centrepiece to continue the Scandi appeal but to create a decorative focal point. Whether you fill the vase with real or fake flowers it will look great either way!

Perhaps this table centrepiece idea is most appropriate for those looking for an everyday easy display as it requires no upkeep (unless you have real flowers, and then it’s only minimal) and it doesn’t inhibit your table use at meal times – rather benefits it, and it still looks impressive.


creative modern table centrepiece ideas

To add a slight creative touch to this table centrepiece idea you don’t have to do a lot, but it adds an extra detail that won’t go unnoticed.

If you add a cream table runner, you’re adding an extra layer of colour and texture – all still in line with the Scandi style, and of course an extra protective layer from spillages.

Similarly, add a candle to the centre of your table to capture a cosy feeling and to satisfy the senses. Opt for an open candle or one with a wooden lid to continue the natural tones and textures you’ve created so well.

2. A farmhouse blend of rural architecture and modern comforts


simple farmhouse table centrepiece ideas

One of my favourite styles has to be the farmhouse aesthetic, I think it is such a gorgeous combination of countryside charm and luxury all at the same time, and that’s why I selected this farmhouse table centrepiece idea for your home. It’s also possible the simplest, most effective, and practical table centrepiece idea ever!

Start by grabbing your farmhouse crockery, grab some jugsteapot and coffee mugs – even some saucers – and simply stack them in a practical way on a wooden serving tray.

I love this idea because I don’t know about you, but in my home, mugs are being used all throughout the day so why not avoid the hassle of cupboards and with such charming style, they look great sat out. Your home doesn’t need to be a beautiful country cottage beside a lake in the tranquil country side to pull off the farmhouse aesthetic, it really is suited to any environment, especially where the prominent colour theme is white.


creative farmhouse table centrepiece ideas

Maybe you want your table centrepiece to look a little less practical and more decorative – no worries! With your largest farmhouse vase or jug, add a bouquet (real or fake) and swap out the crockery for our Quattro Stagioni storage jars. These storage jars are ideal because they have embossed Italian writing that adds a rustic farmhouse warmth, and screw top lids that you can undo and leave a side, ready to fill the jars with your wooden utensils. Don’t worry, being dishwasher safe you can ensure the jars stay clean and if you don’t use wooden utensils – grab some on the cheap purely for the decoration!

These farmhouse table centrepiece ideas work well for an everyday decoration, both with option of being practical and not taking up too much space – but nevertheless will impress the same.

3. A warm glow


simple candle table centrepiece ideas

I think we all know candles make everything better – if you’ve got an empty space, fill it with a candle! Especially going into autumn and winter, candles can really bring a warm and cosy feeling into your home as well as looking great, and this simple table centrepiece idea in something that will work for the everyday and for special occasions.

Lay out our cream table runner and add our gold metal candlestick right in the centre. The elegantly moulded silhouette of a candlestick adds a luxurious accent of sophistication to any room so is really great for special occasions but is minimalist enough for the everyday. With a heavy-set base for maximum stability, there’s no need to worry about being cautious around your table.


creative candle table centrepiece ideas

How about if you love the idea of a candle centrepiece but you don’t just want a single candle – more of a creative display. This is a really effective and easy table centrepiece idea perfect for all homes on every occasion!

Grab yourself one of our metallic serving trays – a round one works best for a more seamless display, however, we do have rectangular trays too if you’re looking for a truly bold table centrepiece idea. You can be relatively creative with this idea, where you can choose how many candles to feature and what shapes; we have a range of pillar candles and metallic candles, in different shapes and sizes, that will create a really effective centrepiece.

To recreate the image, display your chosen candles on the tray and cover the rest of the space with some fake foliage, however, it can be just as effective in a minimalist way without the foliage if you prefer.

This can create an impressive table centrepiece idea for Christmas using tinsel in and around the candles rather than foliage. Or, for fall, you can display pinecones!   

4. Colour & Freshness


colour & freshness table centrepiece ideas

Possibly the simplest of all my table centrepiece ideas in this blog, but so perfect for those trying to add a touch of colour and freshness to their home. It’s another idea that you can really tailor to your style and needs and makes a great day-to-day centrepiece.

Begin by choosing a fruit bowl, you could choose a clear glass bowl for an elegant and minimalist touch of luxury, a white bowl for a clean, simplistic statement, or even a patterned, multi-coloured bowl for a statement of fun and vibrancy.

Fill it with all your favourite fruits, whether it be a bowl full of luminous green apples or all the colours in the rainbow, it breathes a fresh wave of colour into your dining room.


fruit table centrepiece ideas

A just as simple, but tad more creative table centrepiece idea involving your fruit is my next favourite! You need to grab yourself some large storage jars or vases - or even our trifle stand, for a super close match to this image. Then, dedicated each jar (however many you decide to have) to one particular fruit, for example one for oranges, one for lemons, and one for limes for an organised yet vibrant and fun table centrepiece!

5. Beautiful Floral Display


simple floral table centrepiece ideas

For a statement table centrepiece idea that doesn’t completely take over your table or compromise too much practicality, this next idea is perfect, while still giving you that feeling of awe.

Choose yourself a vase, whether it be bold and bright, full of pattern and character, or simple and elegant. Then, place it in the centre of your table and fill it with an elegant display of gypsophila or a full and lush display of pampas leaves. And voila, a simple yet staple table centrepiece.


creative floral table centrepiece ideas

To put a creative spin on your floral display, you will need some storage jars, a serving tray, and a wax candle. You can opt for a storage jar that comes without a lid, so you have a seamless edge and open top, or you can opt for jars that have a screw top lid for that retro, textured top, and in this case, you will simply leave the lids off.

You can tailor this table centrepiece idea to what you envision will look best in your home, by using as many jars as you like, varying the flower contents between them or keeping them all the same, and displaying it on a modern, metallic tray, a chic bamboo tray, or even a funky chopping board!

If you want to decorate the glass jars a little more, you could tie some ribbon, rope, or string around the top to add another texture and colour to the mix.

In the image we’ve used for inspiration, they’ve used a table runner which blends well with their chosen flowers, so this could be something you’d like to recreate too.


I hope this has given you some inspiration for a few table centrepiece ideas you love, and an easy and affordable way you can recreate them. It seems like such a task to get your house looking the way you want, but a table centrepiece really is the key!

If you decide to follow one of our recreations, please tag us on Instagram @rinkithome, or use the hashtag #rinkithome, we would love to see what you’ve created!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy and the Rinkit team

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