Transform Your Outside Living Space with Outdoor Furniture and Fire Pits

Transforming your outside space is a great way to refresh your garden, deck, terrace or balcony. By adding selected key pieces you can change the way the area makes you feel. In this recent blog, we have put together some top tips to make use of your outdoor space with outdoor furniture and fire pits. 

Let me walk you through some outdoor furniture and fire pits that are popular throughout the year and seasons but especially for summer and the slightly warmer days!

Use outdoor furniture and fire pits to bring your outdoor area to life

Your Outside Space 

Your home doesn’t stop at the back door, your outside space is part of the home no matter how big or small, gravel or grass. There are lots of ways to bring life to your garden without breaking the bank or refurbishing the entire thing!

Before you rush into any purchases that you’re not 100% on, let's analyse the space. Firstly ask yourself a few questions;

What kind of area is it?
Does the area get a lot of sun or is it covered?
What do you consider to be a garden necessity? 
These answers can help you decide on what would be best for your outside living space.


Outdoor Furniture and Fire Pits

We have a wide range of Outdoor Furniture and Fire Pits which includes a range of products. We have listed these below:

Deck Chairs 

A perfect solution to people where perhaps storage space is a premium. As these are foldable, they can be easily stored away or transported to the beach or another garden without a fuss. Sun Loungers - (In my opinion) The most relaxing piece of garden furniture ever created. Unwind and chill out in the sun, or get comfy with a book and a glass of white to relax for hours on end. We have a stunning collection of Sun Loungers in a wide range of colours with matching sun lounger cushions. Whether your style is bold and bright, striped or neutrals we have you covered.


Chairs and Tables

Outdoor dining, something we now know to love and appreciate! With a range of matching chairs and tables, there’s no excuse to have brunch in the sun in the garden with your friends! In a range of styles including, Bistro Style, Classic Outdoor Dining and Industrial Style. Whether you’re looking for a romantic set for 2 or a set for the whole family, we have lots of options to choose from. 


A wonderful way to unwind after a long day is to sit in a comfy Free Standing Hammock with a book or some music to drift off to (preferably in the sunshine but living in England you can never guarantee). We have a range of colours and styles for you with or without a strong stand.

Parasols and Sun Shades

For the days when the sun decides to make an appearance! Shade yourself or your lunch/brunch with a parasol or sun shader. Ideal for little ones too who want to be outdoors safely!

When you’re outdoors enjoying nature and the blissful breeze, it’s not only standard practice that you are in your relaxation station but also that you have everything around you that you need. For example, a lovely cocktail or cuppa tea, depending on the day. When it comes to the evenings, especially in the colder months, you want to make sure you are warm enough to stay out enjoying the sunset. Along with outdoor furniture comes Fire Pits, a modern and innovative way to bring warmth and light to the garden, patio or deck without a great deal of effort involved. 

Our top range of fire pits include

Larger Fire Pits 
Perfect for the whole family to gather round, melt some marshmallows and get toasty.

Smaller Fire Pits
Set up a romantic corner of the garden, not taking up too much space for you and your loved one to chill out and watch the stars.

3 and 4 Legged
Extremely stable and the modern Industrial designs keep them looking fresh and stay on trend in any garden or outdoor setting.

Ideal for having a BBQ and a Fire Pit in the same product. A removable grill helps to give you options for usage and is easy to clean and manage.

Protection at its best. Safety comes first and this dome will help to keep little hands and fingers extra safe. It’s also great for letting the fire die down without having to worry!

Log Baskets
We also carry a line of Fire Pits that doubles as a log basket. Ideal for keeping wood in for the times when the fire pit isn’t in use.

The Not So Little Touches

Big changes in any part of the house make a huge difference to you and people visiting, let alone the garden! Adding Sun Loungers or a bistro table and chairs can brighten up your space and give that ‘finished’ look. Adding a bit of colour can change your outdoor space too, especially with the change of seasons. Outdoor Furniture and Fire Pits are pieces that will last throughout the seasons and depending on your style and taste, can evolve with you. Classic outdoor furniture and fire pits are the stars of the show of any garden, the main event if you will. So make sure you are getting the right products to suit your space. 

If you want these pieces stored away when not in use then make sure you look into our folding furniture range, for example our bistro sets - all three parts fold down and can be stored away so easily. 

Also, make sure you are looking at complimenting colours. So if you have accents of yellow/orange in the garden then the Harbour Housewares Terracotta Sun Lounger Cushions with the Harbour Housewares Sussex Sun Lounger will be perfect for you.

We hope you enjoy your summer in the sun and that your outdoor furniture and fire pits make your garden the best place to truly relax this season! We hope you loved this garden-themed blog! If you spice up your garden with any of our outdoor furniture or fire pits, please tag us at @rinkithome on Instagram or use the hashtag #rinkithome we love to see your pictures and videos.


As always, thank you for reading.

Love Lottie and the Rinkit Team.

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