Unique ways to use hanging floating frames

If you’re looking for an alternative way to decorate your home and make the most of you wall space, a hanging floating frame is just the thing! With the ability and versatility to decorate almost however you please, keep reading this blog to find out a little more about hanging floating frames and even unique ways you can use a hanging floating frame.

What is a hanging floating frame and when to use a hanging floating frame?

A hanging floating frame is much the same as a standard photo frame but with a transparent back, so the contents appear to be floating.

  • A hanging floating frame is great for using in small spaces, i.e., on a wall with a small surface area that wouldn’t take a big, chunky photo frame.

  • Use a hanging floating frame when you have contents with interesting edges, e.g., a piece of art. The transparency will focus attention on these edges instead of covering them or causing shadows.

  • Contemporary art is very well complemented with a hanging floating frame because they are very minimalistic, allowing your art to do all the talking.

  • If you’re wanting the colour of your wall to show through, perhaps it’s a particularly beautiful colour, then a hanging floating frame will do exactly that.

6 Unique Ways to Use Your Hanging Floating Frame

Vintage Photos

Vintage ways to use hanging floating frames

Found some old, vintage photos from years ago of loved ones? Put them to good use in a hanging floating frame! If you opt for a hanging floating frame that has a vintage, rustic vibe you can place in your old photos for an altogether rustic aesthetic that does your cherished photos justice. You could use just the one image or even create a collage with multiple – decide whether you want to overlap them for a striking effect or keep them apart for a minimalist look.

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be old photos, you can use any photos in your hanging floating frame to create an alternative look to standard frames.

Tip: Use an 8 x 10” hanging floating frame for ample room to add the photos you cherish, or create an enhancing border around just the one.

Travel Souvenirs

travel hanging floating frames

Recently been on holiday? Or still got all your holiday souvenirs from a few years ago? Let’s create a display that will make you relive your holiday days whenever you see it. You could include anything from your holiday including plane/bus/train tickets, post cards, wristbands, money (notes), photos, and much more!

Tip: create a stunning wall filled with all your holiday memories by using one frame per holiday – you could use the same size frames, for example an 8 x 8” for an effective and balanced display , or use a combination of these with 7 x 5”s for a dramatic look.

Art Work

art work in hanging floating frames

Whether you’re an artist yourself, know someone who is, or are simply appreciative of great art, use a hanging floating frame to complement your favourite pieces. Instead of buying a bulky picture frame, perhaps even mounts as well, the transparency of a hanging floating fame will focus all the attention on its contents, without overshadowing or overcrowding the art work. This allows every inch of your piece of art to be truly appreciated – isn’t that the point of framing it?

Tip: ensure to measure up the art work and decide how much of a border you would like to have then you can shop for your hanging floating frame.

Pressed Flowers

pressed flower hanging floating frames

If you love the look of pressed photos or have some already pressed, make the most of them with a hanging floating frame. This kind of display gives you a lot of creative power where you can decide on the display you like. Rearrange your flowers to exactly the way you want on the piece of glass and then close it up! Ensure to be gentle when handling the flowers and ensure the frame is tightly shut to avoid the flowers moving out of place.

Tip: you can stick your flowers to paper first, or if you like the transparent look, you can use a small amount of glue on the glass.


Tropical Leaves

Tropical leaf hanging floating frames

Perhaps you’re not really a bright flower lover and tropical leaves sounds a little bit more you. You can create the same display but with your favourite tropical leaves. These work great in a hanging floating frame as the overall look is very minimalist and simplistic, yet effective for a natural, botanical vibe.

Tip: opt for a hanging floating frame that is big enough for your leaves, whether you display an individual leaf or multiple, you don’t want to cut off any edges!

Striking Combinations

combination of hanging floating frames

Like the sound of all of these and don’t know which one to choose? Choose all of them and create a striking combination display with each unique idea. This way you’ll have a feature wall displaying all your favourite things and memories – what’s a better way to truly make your house a home?


I hope this has given you some inspiration for some unique ways to use a hanging floating frame so you can get the alternative décor you’re looking for.

You can browse all of Rinkit’s hanging floating frames here to get started on your plans!

We’d love to see your creative displays and the unique ways you’ve used a hanging floating frame, so please tag us on Instagram at @rinkithome or use the hashtag #rinkithome – whether you’ve use dour ideas or found others!


As always, thanks for reading,
Love, Poppy and the Rinkit Team.

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