What to Bring on National Picnic Month This Year

Enjoy national picnic month this July

Picnics can be enjoyed with friends, with a date or by yourself for some well needed self-care time. Picnics are one of the great joys of summer and personally one of my favourite past times. 

In this blog I’m going to be giving you Rinkits top tips on what to bring on national picnic month this year, so you can enjoy the outdoors (and the heat wave) all month long.

National Picnic Month Essentials -

National picnic month wouldn’t be that without a picnic blanket or tapestry (kind of an obvious one right?) The next must-have item is an essential cooling bag. Our Nicola Spring cooling bags have multiple compartments for all your favorite foods and a layer of insulation that keeps everything at its optimum temperature for longer.

The next thing you need to think about for national picnic month is plates and bowls. No one wants to lug around heavy china plates anymore, not to mention the chipping hazard! For an environmentally friendly alternative, try our bamboo plates, bowls, tumblers and serving spoons. Not only are these an environmentally friendly alternative to the outdated plastic or paper plates,  but they are also lightweight, reusable, easy to carry and very easy to clean. The perfect picnic companion! 

Finally, the last essential I would recommend is a chopping board and chopping knives/cutlery. A chopping board or two makes it a lot easier to cut up food and gives you the perfect surface for spreading your bread or crackers, and other yummy treats.

Food, wine and good times - 

Now for the most important part - the food and drinks! No picnic is  complete without some amazing nibbles. My personal favourite thing to do is create a big charcuterie board using slates, a wooden tray or any board you may have. This allows everyone to help themselves to all the best summer foods and snacks all day long without having anything too heavy and filling. 

Fill the board with your favourite cheese or non-dairy alternatives, fresh fruit such as grapes and watermelon, nuts, mini sausage rolls/pastries and an assortment of crackers. I would also recommend pre-making some mini sandwiches before you go on your picnic, or bringing a loaf of tiger bread and some delicious chutneys or a balsamic and oil dip.  

A great tip for preserving veggies is using a jar to  do the following; 
  • Pre-chop your veggies into rectangle slices 
  • Buy or make a dip 
  • Get a jar and fill it ¼ with your dip 
  • Add in your veggies over the top of the dip and close the jar

The air tight jar keeps the food fresh and all you need to do is pop open the jar and take out your veggies! Handily, they  will already have some of the dip on it - so no need to worry about double-dippers! 

Lastly, let’s not forget about the drinks! The cooling bag will allow you to keep lots of drinks cool all day. Always remember to bring lot’s of water and stay hydrated, especially in heat and sun. For me, national picnic month wouldn’t be complete without some prosecco, sangria or pimms! The sun makes it acceptable to drink all day long, right? Make sure to remember some glasses or cups to enjoy it with. 


The final essentials to remember to bring on national picnic month this year is the ‘extra’ stuff to make your day enjoyable and memorable. If you’re going by yourself, then why not bring your favourite book or some colouring books? Bin bags are also a great idea so you can keep everything clean and tidy throughout the day and so you don’t leave any mess behind. Sun screen is also important to keep our skin safe from the sun. Lastly, if you want to go for a more Pinterest-worthy aesthetic then you can even bring some candles and flowers - perfect for a picnic date. 


National picnic month may be something that you haven’t heard of before, but hopefully it’s certainly something you will be thinking about now! With the right people, food and products you can have the best day basking in the sun. 

I hope this blog has helped inspire you with what to bring on national picnic month this year. And as always, please tag us in any picnic shots you get by using the #RINKIT hashtag or by tagging @Rinkit on instagram; we’d love to see all your set-ups and yummy food! 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Love Georgie and the Rinkit Team 

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