How to Install Half Box Shelves

Recently bought yourself some of our Harbour Housewares Half Box Shelves?

Excited to get them installed and put to good use?

With our how to install half box shelves guide you’ll have your box shelves up and running without hassle and in no time, ready to create an alternative display that shows off your favourite photos, plants, trinkets, treasures and more!

Step One

Let's take a look what's inside the box. You should have a set of half box shelves, a pack that contains wall plugs, screws, and an instruction manual.

Check you have all the equipment you need to install half box shelves before you begin!

Step Two

If you take a look at the back of your shelves you’ll see two holes. These holes fix onto the wall screws to mount your shelf. 

Step Three

Firstly, you'll need to mark where you’re going to place your shelf. Hold your shelf against the wall and use a spirit measure to make sure it’s level. With  a pencil mark on the wall where your wall plugs and screws are going to go. Just remember your holes will need to be drilled a few millimetres in from the edge of the frame, we recommend that you mark the shelf corners, measure the distance to the holes on each side and mark accordingly on the wall ,this is where your screws will go.

Step Four

Next, using a drill, drill a hole in each place you have marked.

Step Five

Next, insert your wall plugs.

Step Six

Using the provided screws, screw these into the wall where the wall plugs are, do not screw these all the way in as you will need the ends of the screw to hang your shelf on. You can either use a drill or a screwdriver for this.

Step Seven

Then, line up the back holes and mount onto the screws.

Step Eight

And finally, make it your own.

How to install half box shelves: completed it!

See, learning how to install half box shelves is easy, yours will be up in no time! Decorate them how you please, then sit back and admire the organisation and décor.

When you realise how easy it is and how good they look, you'll be wanting to install half box shelves in every room! You could even mix up multiple colours!