How to Add a Touch of Modern

Have you been thinking about how you can update your current interior style? One of our favourite ways to refresh a room is by adding a few subtle, minimalistic and modern touches. We’ve put together a concise list of our favourite pieces to help you modernise your home!

Looking to brighten up a room in your house? Our 80cm Harbour Housewares Round Framed Mirrors, which come in a gorgeous gold, black, and silver colour, are particularly perfect if you want to add a bold statement to your lounge, bedroom, or even bathroom, whilst still creating a spacious environment. What makes this item even better is that by placing it next to a light fixture or window will enrich the light, producing a bright and beautiful room!


Another way you could add a subtle yet truly practical and, of course, modern touch to your home is through the addition of our Harbour Housewares 3 Piece Floating Box Shelves, which are an ideal way of saving space and curating a cool, contemporary aesthetic. Our white version is especially great if you want them to blend into your white walls, creating a fresh and seamless display, allowing your photos and ornaments to do the talking! However, make sure you don’t overfill them if you want to achieve a minimalistic visual appeal.

Another way of adding a more modern feel to your home, which might not be as obvious, is with your bathroom accessories. Running a consistent theme across all your toilets and bathrooms is a great way of creating a contemporary hotel feeling, the perfect way to impress guests! Our Harbour Houseware Ceramic Bathroom sets are ideal for this as the ceramic material creates a gorgeous glossy shine, creating a fresh and clean look. The white, grey and black work particularly well for a sleek and stylish finish.

My Favourite Way to Add a Modern Touch

As a self-confessed coffee addict, it only makes sense that my personal favourite is revolved around those caffeine-infused aromas. Drinking coffee from our Rink Drink Double Walled Coffee Glasses is my preferred way to consume it, not only because they look great, but the double wall keeps it hotter for longer and there’s nothing worse than a cold coffee (Unless it’s iced!) In addition, having a collection of glass coffee mugs is the perfect way to add a subtle modern touch, which keeps things fresh and consistent, win win!

Let us know what you think and what you love!

Creative Wizard,