Rinkit's Top 6 Creative Ideas For Glass Jars

Jars are arguably one of the most versatile products and, for so many reasons, are a Rinkit favourite. From storing food, to arts and crafts, the possibilities are truly endless. They always come in handy and due to their versatility we think they are a must-have item in every household. We have a huge range of storage jars, in all shapes and sizes across a few different brands, including: Bormilio Rocco, Argon Tableware and Nicola Spring. Read on to find out our top 6 creative ideas for glass jars. 

Here are Rinkits top 6 creative ideas for glass jars

1) Storeit- Dried foods 

Airtight containers preserve food’s freshness by blocking out air and moisture, making it ideal for storing dry food. This could be used to store nuts, seeds, pasta, flour, biscuits, you name it! Jars even make bulk buying items at wholefood stores a lot easier which is a great way to shop more sustainably. Glass jars are a kitchen essential for organising your pantry, you can also label the jars too!  

Rinkit top tip; If your fresh produce (carrots, celery, peppers etc) are starting to go off then chop them into strips so they fit in the jar, then fill the jar halfway with water and place the chopped vegetables in with the lid on. This will make them last a lot longer and is the perfect way to reduce food waste. Just remember to change the water every few days.

2) Shareit - Date night ideas

This is one of our favourite creative ideas for glass jars for when you and your partner struggle with date night ideas. Simply write down lot’s of date night ideas on coloured cards to fill the jar. These could range from a Netflix film and hot chocolate night in to driving to a beach at sunrise. Use different colours to indicate price from low to high. This idea works great as a gift for a loved one and it doesn’t always have to be romantic ideas- they could be day trip ideas for friends and family outings.

Do you and your partner (or friend’s, friend dates are a thing too you know!) ever struggle coming up with or agreeing on something to do? Then this idea is perfect for you! This can be given as a gift for valentines day, birthdays, Christmas or ‘just because’. Simply write down lot’s of date night ideas on coloured cards and fill the jar. These could range from a Disney film and hot chocolate night in to driving to a beach at sunrise. Use different colours to indicate price from low to high. This will make it easier for you to pick an idea to suit you both at that time. 

3) Decorateit - Arts and Crafts

If you’re a creative person and into arts and crafts, then trust me jars will be your best friend!  Small objects like beads and buttons can so easily get lost and so storing them in a jar can keep them safe. It’s a great way of having everything neat and organised - making your life a lot easier. We love getting creative with our box frames and this jar is perfect for storing small scrabble pieces. We use the scrabble pieces to write the names of family or friends in the box frame, to create a stunning piece around the home. 

4) Eatit; Lunchbox salads & overnight oats 

Meal preparation is a job that no one enjoys doing. But by using our jars you can make meal prep for lunch and breakfast easier and more creative. A layered noodle salad or over night oats work well with our jars as they keep the food preserved and fresh for use the next day.... Start with your base, this could be pasta, rice, noodles. Then add your salad, we prefer to start with the lettuce to bulk it out then add your favourite vegetables such as tomatoes, beetroot and carrots. Finish it by topping it with some avocado, seeds and nuts and you have a healthy yet aesthetically pleasing lunch to brighten up your day.  

5) Giftit - Home-made cake mixture 

If you want to give your loved one something that’s a little bit different then why not try this baking gift in a jar? All you need is a large jar and the dry ingredients of your/their favourite cake. Weigh out the flour, sugar, baking powder, etc and add all of these things to the jar. All the recipients will need to do is add the eggs/milk or other wet ingredients with your pre-weighed dry ingredients, mix and bake. Finish it off with a label with the wet ingredient’s recipe and instructions and the person's name for that final special touch. And there you have a genius and creative idea for glass jars. 

6) Lightitup - Fairy lights

Lastly, but by no means least, we suggest using your jar to create a gorgeous night light. This is super easy to do and all you need is 1 jar and one pack of fairy lights (& of course batteries to go with them). The finished result looks like something magical and creates a cosy ambiance in any room of your home. All you have to do is put batteries in your fairy lights and place them all inside the jar, tape or bluetac the battery pack to the underside of the lid to hide them, ensuring that the on and off switch is still accessible. Finally, switch them on and enjoy the stunning result. 


And there you have it, Rinkits top 6 creative ideas for glass jars. Our glass jars have many different uses, so why not get a little creative? Shop our full range of glass jars here, and find the perfect one for you today.