Vintage Interior Design

Originally born in France, the Vintage style quickly spread through America and into Europe over many art forms including music, fashion and eventually interior design. The combination between classical and modern within vintage interior makes this type of design nostalgic yet not outdated.

Vintage Decor Trends

Vintage trends have been growing in popularity over the recent years. With our modern lifestyles,  it’s no wonder people want to have the simplicity and comfort this style offers.

The vintage interior allows you to be more expressive by mixing and matching instead of going for the minimalist modern look. This style is elegant and provides the stunning charm of antiquity and uniqueness. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your individuality.

The key to achieving the perfect vintage style is keeping the balance between old and new.  This could mean combining antiques from charity stores, for example, with modern products, furniture and decor. Colours can range widely however tend to include pastels, white, beige and grey-blue mixed with playful patterns of floral and geometrics to bring the room to life.

Our Collection Of Vintage Decor

The great thing about this is you don’t have to choose this style for your entire house but more so just adding vintage elements to the rooms you want, such as the kitchen.

At Rinkit we absolutely love our Vintage Harbour Houseware range, featuring our First Aid and Peg canisters. Made from a lightweight metal with a powder-coated finish, this range possesses a real vintage charm helping you achieve the perfect rustic farmhouse/ country cottage finish. Alongside these, our new Parlance range featuring the Compass Wall Mirror, Mouse Bookends and Caswell Metal Candlesticks are great for adding vintage style to your home.