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Win up to £100 by uploading a picture of your Christmas tree.

Posted on December 02, 2016 by Christopher Perry | 0 comments

Share a picture of your Christmas tree and vote for your favourite on our Facebook page and win up to £100 to spend at Rinkit.com.

Share your conifer creations and illuminate Facebook with your tree lights to be in for a chance to win the following prizes:

1st Prize 2016 – Rinkit Christmas Tree award

 £100 to spend at Rinkit.com

The winner of this award will be chosen by the Rinkit team.

2nd Prize – Most voted Christmas Tree

£75 to spend at Rinkit.com

The winner of this award will be randomly picked from the top 10 entries on our Facebook page with the most votes.

The competition starts at 10:00 am on 2 December, and the winner will be announced via a Facebook Live video on 20 December. Winners who place their orders before the 21 December will have their goods delivered in time for Christmas day.


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    Interesting and Special Summer Celebrations Around the World

    Posted on August 05, 2016 by Rinkit Ltd | 0 comments

    Have you ever wondered how people around the world celebrate their summers?

    Not everyone celebrates it the same. While we may be drawn to the warmth of the sun’s rays, and may don swimsuits and have beach or pool parties, summer is diverse just like the world’s cultures and people.

    People have welcomed the first day of summer, or the summer solstice, for millennia in many different ways, as we can see from Stonehenge.

    Let’s explore interesting and special summer celebrations around the world.

    Large Celebrations

    The Summer Solstice, the first day of Summer, is a big day on the calendar for Scandinavia. They refer to it as Midsummer and celebrate the day with plenty of vodka, singing, herring, and dancing around the Maypole.

    Bonfires and Dancing

    In most parts of Europe, summer is welcomed with bonfires, dancing, and in some instances, naked runs through the town! It is referred to as St. John’s Day. Originally a pagan custom, it is widely practiced today. The highlight of Norway’s festivities is a large bonfire.

    In Greece, men jump over large flames as a show of their masculinity. And in France, a fire is lit to mark the beginning of a summer music festival -- Fête de la Musique.

    Eating Strange Food

    Certain foods are reserved solely for summer. For instance, in California (United States), the San Diego State Fair serves some of the strangest concoctions via Chicken Charlie’s to fairgoers, like a donut sloppy joe sandwich.

    Dress in Costume

    For many celebrators, celebrating summer wouldn’t be complete without a costume. It is custom for many Scandinavians to don traditional folk attire. At Stonehenge, the Druids wear white robes.

    One of the largest summer celebrations takes place every year in the U.S.’s Santa Barbara, California. It’s a festival that happens over the course of 3 days. Event goers and performers are adorned in face paint, colorful costumes, face masks, and elaborate clothing.

    Visiting the Beach

    For many, nothing symbolizes summer more than a trip to the beach. Whether sunbathing, playing sports, or swimming in the ocean, spending time at the beach is a favourite past time for summer lovers.

    You can find beach bonfires, beach parties, and people of every age wearing swimsuits and enjoying the summer sun rays from sunrise to sunset, and long after the sun has disappeared.


    How do you celebrate summer? Are there any cultural traditions you honour?

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    What You Need to Host Your Next Dinner Party

    Posted on June 27, 2016 by Rinkit Ltd | 0 comments

    Hosting a dinner party is a fun experience. But it can also be stressful regardless if you’re a novice or a seasoned host.

    Dinner parties are a great way to spend time with family and friends, eat delicious food, and sip your favorite beverages.

    If you’re planning on hosting your own dinner, here’s what you need to host your next dinner party.


    Keep Your Guest List Small

    There is nothing more stressful than a huge guest list. The cost of food, drinks and any other necessities will add up quickly with an extensive list.

    For best results, keep your guest list between 6-8 people, and include yourself in the count. Anything above eight people quickly becomes less manageable and pricey.

    Hosting a small dinner party is more manageable, and there is less risk of anything going wrong. This is particularly useful if this is your first time hosting a dinner party.

    Try out a small dinner party first before you consider having a larger gathering in the future.

    Host on a Weeknight

    When you want to host a dinner party, it’s best to stick to weeknights or even a Friday night. You're considerate of everyone’s schedules, and it’s more likely your guests can attend.

    Weeknight dinner parties are particularly great because they can be relaxed, less formal, and is the perfect time to catch up with friends or family during the busy week.

    Weeknights, such as a Wednesday or Thursday switches up your normal routine – it’s something everyone will look forward to.

    Give Plenty of Notice

    Let your guests know ahead of time that you’re hosting a dinner party. This gives them plenty of time to mark their calendars and ensure they don’t have any plans. A week is good enough.

    At this point, you can get a good idea what your guest list looks like and what you’ll need. If four out of eight people can’t make it to dinner, you can invite four more people, or keep it cozy and small.

    Prepare the Dinner

    What do you currently have in your home? Wine glasses, serving trays, dinner plates, and cutlery are a must. You can even add candles or lanterns to set the mood.

    We love champagne flutes, wine glasses, and glasses for fresh beer. Not everything has to match, but make sure you have enough to go around for your guests. If you only have two tumbler glasses and eight guests who want wine, you’ll run into a problem. If your hosting in the summer months why not serve gin and tonic!

    You may also want to consider serving bowls and plates. You should know what you’re serving and how many guests will show.

    And don’t forget to plan what you’ll serve. Appetizers, the main course, sides, and dessert are essentials. You can ask guests to bring drinks such as wine or beer, or serve your own beverages.

    It can help to have a theme, such as Italian. You can serve pizza, bruschetta, pasta, and red wine.

    Lastly, enjoy your party and have fun!

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    Get Your Garden Ready

    Posted on April 28, 2016 by Rinkit Ltd | 0 comments

    Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to get your garden ready. As the weather begins to warm, you can plant delicious vegetables and fruits, your favorite flowers, and entertain and lounge in the sun.

    Now is the time to turn your attention to the garden. After the dreary winter weather recedes, you’ll want to clean up your garden, and bring it back to life.

    Spring brings bold and bright flowers, pollinating bees, the songs of birds, and a chance to spend time outside without freezing.

    Ready to get started? Here are some things to help you get your garden ready for the warming temperatures.

    Fire Pits

    Fire pits are perfect for keeping warm on a cool evening while entertaining outside. During spring and summer, your garden can be the center of entertainment.

    There are a variety of fire pits to complement your garden’s aesthetics. Cast iron is a popular choice. You’ll also need a log saw horse to cut firewood, and keep your fire going throughout the night. 

    Green Houses

    Green houses are brilliant for vegetable and fruit gardens. They allow you to extend the harvesting life of your plants. You can even grow exotic plants that are usually not found in your area.

    Plus, you can extend your gardening hobby throughout the year with a green house. When winter comes, you don’t have to wait until spring to tend to your garden again. 


    Hammocks for the garden are a brilliant way to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere. They provide a place to rest and relax during weekend and weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Bring a favorite book to read or take a nap.

    Sun Loungers

    When warmer temperatures arrive, we can’t wait to spend time outside. Sun loungers allow you to spend time in the sun and soak up as much as you can. Sun lounger cushions are also excellent additions to make lying in the sun more comfortable.

    Deck Chairs

    Bring the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. Deck chairs for the garden are a wonderful way to make your space more inviting. You can entertain guests, plan dinner parties on the deck, and even enjoy meals with loved ones.

    Garden Hoes

    Garden hoes are a gardening necessity. When spring is here, beautiful flowers begin to blossom after the harsh winter weather, and there is color in your garden again. To plant and allow your flowers to bloom, you need to prepare your garden with the right tools.

    Is your garden ready for spring? Which plants are you most looking forward to?

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    Tips for Organising Your Kitchen

    Posted on March 09, 2016 by Rinkit Ltd | 0 comments

    Kitchens can easily become unorganised. Over time, you accumulate plenty of plates, cups, glassware, mugs, eating utensils, and dinnerware. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free and organised can be tricky. But you’ll feel much better once your worktop, cabinets, and drawers are clutter-free.

    Let’s look at a few ways you can keep your kitchen organised.

    Stack items when possible. Whenever possible stack cups, plates, and bowls. If you have tea cups, stack them with their saucers so they won’t topple over. Stackable mugs and glassware can be useful as well.

    Stacking allows you to conserve space and use it wisely. When purchasing kitchenware and dinnerware, find items you can stack. The more you can stack, the more room you can create for other items in your kitchen.

    You can also use a flat tray the size of your cabinet to help stack cups. Stack larger cups on the bottom, place a tray on top to protect rims, and then stack smaller cups on the tray.

    Use storage in a nicely displayed manner. Storage is a dilemma many people face. One way you can use storage is wine racks. Instead of keeping wine in the fridge or cooler, place it on a wine rack until you’re ready to chill it.

    It’s a great idea to use a “mug tree” to free up cabinet space. A mug tree lets you hang mugs so they’re out of the way.

    You can also organise pantry items such as foods, baking products, and other items with baskets and crates for storage. Choices are many; you can find decorative baskets or wooden crates that fit your kitchen style and aesthetic.

    Consider a drink area. It can help to choose an area for your favourite drinks. You can do this for your coffee or tea makers, your cups, and even your spirits. If your drink station will be permanent, a spirit decanter is a nice way to display your station. A nice set of cups  or mugs will help bring it all together.

    Use available “free” space. It’s easy to forget we can use walls, ceilings, and other spaces for our kitchen storage. Organisation is about being creative and doing what works for you.

    Instead of letting your pots and pans take up precious cabinet space, utilise a hanging pot and pan rack. Your pots and pans are out of the way and you can free space in your cabinets and drawers for other items you need tucked away. You probably have several pots and pans taking up too much room in their current home.

    Use a meal planner. Organisation is great for even meal planning. To keep everyone in the loop on meals for the week, create a meal plan on a blackboard or chalkboard. It looks lovely and can be changed or erased when necessary. Plus, it will encourage you to stay organised.

    What are your biggest kitchen organisation struggles? Which tips are you most looking forward to implementing?

    Explore our glassware, mugs, and home goods today! 

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