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Tips for Organising Your Kitchen

Posted on March 09, 2016 by Rinkit Ltd | 0 comments

Kitchens can easily become unorganised. Over time, you accumulate plenty of plates, cups, glassware, mugs, eating utensils, and dinnerware. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free and organised can be tricky. But you’ll feel much better once your worktop, cabinets, and drawers are clutter-free.

Let’s look at a few ways you can keep your kitchen organised.

Stack items when possible. Whenever possible stack cups, plates, and bowls. If you have tea cups, stack them with their saucers so they won’t topple over. Stackable mugs and glassware can be useful as well.

Stacking allows you to conserve space and use it wisely. When purchasing kitchenware and dinnerware, find items you can stack. The more you can stack, the more room you can create for other items in your kitchen.

You can also use a flat tray the size of your cabinet to help stack cups. Stack larger cups on the bottom, place a tray on top to protect rims, and then stack smaller cups on the tray.

Use storage in a nicely displayed manner. Storage is a dilemma many people face. One way you can use storage is wine racks. Instead of keeping wine in the fridge or cooler, place it on a wine rack until you’re ready to chill it.

It’s a great idea to use a “mug tree” to free up cabinet space. A mug tree lets you hang mugs so they’re out of the way.

You can also organise pantry items such as foods, baking products, and other items with baskets and crates for storage. Choices are many; you can find decorative baskets or wooden crates that fit your kitchen style and aesthetic.

Consider a drink area. It can help to choose an area for your favourite drinks. You can do this for your coffee or tea makers, your cups, and even your spirits. If your drink station will be permanent, a spirit decanter is a nice way to display your station. A nice set of cups  or mugs will help bring it all together.

Use available “free” space. It’s easy to forget we can use walls, ceilings, and other spaces for our kitchen storage. Organisation is about being creative and doing what works for you.

Instead of letting your pots and pans take up precious cabinet space, utilise a hanging pot and pan rack. Your pots and pans are out of the way and you can free space in your cabinets and drawers for other items you need tucked away. You probably have several pots and pans taking up too much room in their current home.

Use a meal planner. Organisation is great for even meal planning. To keep everyone in the loop on meals for the week, create a meal plan on a blackboard or chalkboard. It looks lovely and can be changed or erased when necessary. Plus, it will encourage you to stay organised.

What are your biggest kitchen organisation struggles? Which tips are you most looking forward to implementing?

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