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Nicholas Winter Men's Overnight Travel Wash, Shaving, toiletries Bag - 26x12x16cm Nicholas Winter Wash BagsNicholas Winter Faux Leather Wash Bag - Large - Brown
Nicholas Winter Classic Faux Leather Travel Wash Bag - BlackNicholas Winter Faux Leather Wash Bag - Large - Black
Nicholas Winter 3 Piece White / Silver Traditional Shaving Set. Brush, Razor & Stand. Mach 3 Compatible Nicholas Winter Shaving SetNicholas Winter Gentleman's 3 Piece Razor Shaving Set - White
Nicholas Winter Classic Faux Leather Travel Wash Bag - GreenNicholas Winter Faux Leather Wash Bag - Large - Green
Nicholas Winter Men's Traditional Wet Shaving Set - Blackshaving set

Shave in style with our Shaving & Toiletries Collection

The traditional manual razor shave has enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years - far from just another "hipster" trend, however, experts have long championed this technique over the admittedly-faster electric shave, for its myriad of skincare benefits. We offer the finest manual shavers in our Shaving and Tiletries collection to give you that pristine, cut-throat shave, whether ready to take over an important work meeting or watch your fiance walk down the aisle - and anything in between - our shaving and toiletries collection will have you looking ready.

Modern shaving soaps and creams help nourish the skin, keeping it looking and feeling fresh and healthy. They also help raise the hair from your skin, resulting in a more efficient shave and cleaner finish. So ensure to lather that cream on with the shaving brush and away you go!