Busting retail myths since 2008

When Rinkit! was founded in 2008, it was with one very specific mission in mind: to rebel against the antiquated idea that, when it comes to retail, “you get what you pay for.”

Too often, and for too long, consumers have been forced to choose between cheap homeware and quality homeware, as if the two terms share the same relationship dynamic as chalk and cheese, oil and water, Lancashire and Yorkshire - “never the twain shall meet.”

From the moment we made our first steps into the market, we’ve sought to bridge the gap; to seek out and supply our customers with home, dining and glassware that’s as exciting as it is economical; as dependable as it is desirable; that won’t break the bank or... just break!

The rule of Rinkit!

Fast-forward to today, we have grown into a multinational, multi-million pound enterprise that sells and distributes our ever-expanding catalogue of products all around the world.

At our heart, though, the philosophy has always remained the same: to provide our customers with exceptional service at everyday prices.

So, how do we do it?

Well, right from the off, we source all our products directly from the manufacturer, so we know exactly what we’re buying, how it’s made and on what kind of journey it’s been when we get it. This gives us maximum control over the quality of everything we buy, and ensures that every product we sell is a product that we’d be proud to have on display in our own homes as well!

When it comes to deliveries, we believe efficiency is key. Once you’ve found something you like, pickedit! and boughtit!, our warehouse team will packit! and dispatchit! the very same day.

The Rinkit! experience doesn’t stop once the product’s out the door, however - our expert Customer Service team is always on hand to listen to any questions, queries or concerns you may have, and resolve them with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of understanding.

It’s all part of our overarching mission: delivering everyday happiness.

Our brands

Four brands form the main pillars upon which our Rinkit! product portfolio has been built, each offering a different take on the home and garden experience:

  • Argon Tableware - An extensive collection of kitchen and dining essentials designed to add function and flair to any kitchen and dining environment.
  • Harbour Housewares - Industrial, utilitarian furniture, features and accessories that bring rugged, timeless charm to any home or garden.
  • Nicola Spring - Our social media queen; bright and vibrant decorative pieces designed to bring out your inner Boho! Who says less is more?
  • Rink Drink - Where it all began; glassware and bartending tools tailor-made to satisfy the demands of trendy wine bars and back garden cocktail parties alike!

As our reach and product range has grown, we’ve added more brands to further round out your retail experience. Keep your tiny tots catered for with our Tiny Dining children’s dinnerware, or make every day a party with our Fax Potato pinata sets!

We also work closely with a range of renowned global brands such as Resol, Duralex and Bormioli Rocco. Our range is constantly expanding, so even if you’ve shopped with us before, it’s always worth taking another look around - the next new addition to your home or business could be just a click away!