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Charity Work


A project we are proud to support at Rinkit.com is Arun Youth Aqua Centre. This charity was founded in 1977. It is a centre for youth sailing based on the South Coast. In the summer month’s children aged 8-18yrs come to the centre and learn how to sail on a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. The objective of the centre is to help educate young people through water based activities. To help them to develop their physical and mental capabilities as individuals and as members of society.

Arun Youth Aqua Centre has a dedicated team of volunteers who teach their members how to sail. As a result many then go onto becoming instructors at the age of 16, allowing them to then pass on their knowledge and instruct at the centre. Parent volunteers often help onshore with the rigging the boat and launching.  Without volunteer qualified Sailing Instructors, Safety Boat Crew, competent Beach Duty cover and Funding the Centre could not operate.

 The centres aims are to:

  • Teach young people to sail in a fun and safe environment.
  • To enable the personal development of young people through water sports.
  • To provide access to watersports for all young people.

The centre works closely with the local secondary school providing blocks of sailing sessions to pupils to try to get them actively involved in an activity different and local to them.

We at Rinkit.com believe that getting children involved in water sports is a huge benefit to their development especially living on the coast. The centre focuses on getting those involved who do not have a sailing background, and those who also would not be able to afford to partake in this sport considering the cost of equipment and storage. Every year we at Rinkit.com donate to fund the continuation of this project. Last year our money helped fund the essential purchase of a new safety boat. This was required in order to provide enough safety cover for the growing members at the club and this boat has had an active involvement going out every session this summer providing safety cover for the children.

To have a look at their website please visit Arun Youth Aquatic Centre.


Doctors Of The World

Rinkit.com is proud to contribute to the efforts of Doctors of the World UK, a charity that is helping to bring health care to under served populations both here in the UK and abroad. Founded in 1998, the group is a member of the Médecins du Monde, which has been providing routine and emergency healthcare services around the world since 1980.

As the UK branch of Médecins du Monde, Doctors of the World UK assists with more than 300 projects spread across 70 countries. Services are delivered by a team of 3,000 volunteers, including medical professionals. The organisation has four main areas of focus:

- Responding to natural disasters and international conflicts by dispatching volunteers to deliver emergency healthcare in areas that have been ravished by war, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other events

- Providing services to migrants and refugees who arrive in London and would ordinarily not have access to routine medical care

- Assisting with healthcare programmes that provide care for women and girls in areas where they would be unlikely to receive quality prenatal care and reproductive health services

- Educating at-risk individuals on disease prevention methods to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS, hepatitis C and ebola

Since the founding of Doctors of the World UK, the group has contributed more than £8 million in aid for overseas healthcare programmes. In addition, the organisation operates a clinic in London that has provided medical services for more than 7,000 patients and counting.

You can learn more about the group at the official Doctors of the World UK website.

To have a look at their website please visit Doctors Of The World


Depaul International

Depaul International is a UK based international charity supporting homeless and marginalised people around the world.  We operate through subsidiary charities in the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA and France. Our aim is to work with the homeless and socially excluded improving health, enhancing their quality of life and facilitating transitions to independent living.   We also target our efforts to areas where provision for marginalised groups is most scarce, delivering integrated services that local agencies do not have the capacity to provide. We work in partnership with governments, funding bodies and community groups to identify and respond to the needs of those most vulnerable in our global community. 

Our services provide urgent relief to people who often have no other means of support; men, women, children and increasingly families who have become homeless and are struggling to survive or in many cases individuals who have very acute needs.  Depaul helps those others often turn away; we meet people where they are at in their lives and work with them to find a pathway towards a more positive and independent future.

We now manage over 80 different projects internationally providing shelter, food, medical care and a place of safety for over 14,500 individuals each year.  Globally we have a team of 468 staff and 1,200 volunteers who provide support through three areas of work: Provision of basic essentials for life - food, water, sanitation and shelter, provision of basic health care and medical attention (including both physical and mental health first aid) and welfare support and advocacy services to enable individuals to move towards independence. Our transition work entails a range of services to maximise each persons chances to lead a fulfilling life - human rights based advocacy e.g. ID renewal; support with accommodation and transition housing; employment support – helping people to find work or to gain skills and education to access opportunities, and strategic collaboration with local agencies to maximise the efficacy of our provision.

Our inspiration and indeed our name, comes from St Vincent de Paul, a major social reformer in 17th century France whose work also had an impact globally.  Vincent believed in action rather than words and in seeking out what he referred to as the “poorest of the poor”.  All the Depaul charities continue to work in the spirit of St Vincent De Paul, in a Vincentian way, responding to the need through action and innovation.  Depaul international and indeed the entire Depaul group of charities continue to be very much driven by these values.  We work inclusively with individuals from all walks of life, people of any faith or none in a way that acknowledges the diversity and equality of opportunity for all. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a place to call home and a chance to build a positive and fulfilling future.

Her Grace The Duchess of Norfolk is Patron of the charity.

Our mission: We aim to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it.

Our vision: Our vision is of a society in which everyone has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

Our values:

  • We celebrate the potential of people
  • We put our words into action
  • We aim to take a wider role in civil society
  • We believe in rights and responsibilities

 Our Countries:

Depaul UK – works with homeless and disadvantaged young people in the UK.  Our projects support young people with accommodation and resettlement, training and employment, family mediation, support to youth offenders, volunteering and mentoring and ‘work in the community’ projects.  It also runs a national service, Depaul Nightstop UK, providing emergency short term accommodation to homeless young people in the homes of approved volunteers. It now has 38 varied and complimentary projects based around the UK that work with young people to tackle homelessness at every level. www.depauluk.org

Depaul Ireland – provides accommodation and key services to people who many others struggle to work with street drinkers, women in prison, families who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems. We work in Dublin, Belfast, Dungannon and Derry/Londonderry to provide accommodation, outreach and training services to homeless and disadvantaged people.


Depaul Ukraine – operates low threshold outreach services providing food and medical care to older homeless and young people living on the streets in Kharkiv and Odessa.  We do rights based work to support individuals who have no identity documents and we support clients to find employment.   It also has day centre facilities offering food, medical care, showers, clean clothes and counselling and support services to vulnerable children and adults.


Depaul USA – tackles homelessness by providing housing for people moving on from large, city-run night shelters and day centre facilities which provide hygiene, health, education, and job preparation support to the homeless. In addition Depaul USA works in partnership with communities on small projects aimed at reducing social exclusion. www.depaulusa.org

Depaul Slovakia – addresses the needs of homeless people sleeping rough in the capital Bratislava.  It operates a night shelter providing food and shelter for the homeless, a long stay residential shelter providing medical care and support for vulnerable individuals with complex long term health problems.  In partnership with another organisation it provides medical drop-in services in the centre for homeless people in need of minor medical care. www.depaulslovensko.org

Depaul France – this is the latest subsidiary to join the Depaul group of charities and a new healthcare day centre has recently opened in Paris.  The day centre offers meals and a range of basic healthcare and first aid services including: showers; laundry and clothes; treatment of wounds and skin conditions. Referrals to specialist services (e.g. psychiatric care or hospital) are facilitated through an extensive network of partners. Alongside the day centre, Depaul operates a Mobil’ douche which provides showers to people who are living on the streets and unable to access other services.


For more information about the work of Depaul International visit www.depaulinternational.org or call 0207 939 1220