Click & Collect - HubBox

You can now choose to have your order sent to a convenient location near to you via the HubBox Click & Collect service.

With over 4,000 collection points there will be a convenient location for you!


How it works


When you go to our basket to start checkout, you will see the option to "Click & Collect". When you select this a pop up will appear allowing you to find your nearest collection point, and the opening hours for that location. 

Once you have confirmed you will see the shipping address is automatically added for you. Do not edit this. 

You will still pay shipping as per our normal terms and conditions. We use our same extensive courier network to ship your order to a HubBox collection point. You will still qualify for free shipping if you spend more than £35.00


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What happens next?

A confirmation will be sent to you as normal by email from us, and additionally an email from HubBox telling you how the process works. You will then receive an email when your item is ready to collect along with your unique customer ID.

When you go to collect please take this ID number with OR proof of identification. Acceptable proof is a Driving Licence or Passport.

Frequently asked questions


What is HubBox?

HubBox is an award-winning network of trusted local Collect Points based in pharmacies, dry cleaners and convenience stores. HubBox allows you to pick up your deliveries close to home and at your convenience.


How do I select to have my order delivered to a HubBox Collect Point?

When placing your order you will be able to choose HubBox as a delivery option in the cart by choosing HubBox Click & Collect, typing in your postcode and selecting your local Collect Point as the delivery address.


Where is my nearest HubBox Collect Point?

During checkout, when you choose HubBox Click & Collect as your delivery method, you will also be able to select your nearest Collect Point after typing in your postcode.


When are HubBox Collect Points open?

Nearly all HubBox stores are open early ‘til late, 6 or 7 days a week. The opening times for your local store will be shown as you choose your preferred Collect Point when placing your order. PLEASE NOTE: Opening hours at Collect Points can sometimes vary due to holiday hours, etc. Please call ahead if you have any question.


How long will it take for my order to arrive at my chosen HubBox Collect Point?

You will still be able to choose your shipping options as usual - so delivery time will be based upon what shipping option you choose. Once you have successfully placed and paid for your order, your item(s) will be processed and shipped to your chosen Collect Point. You will receive confirmation from HubBox via email when your parcel is available for collection. This will include your unique Collection Code. Unfortunately a specific time for arrival cannot be given.


What do I need to take when I collect my parcel?

Please take your HubBox Collection Code or proof of ID with you when you go to the HubBox Collect Point to collect your parcel.


When making a collection, what ID is accepted?

HubBox Collect Points accept the following forms of ID:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport


What should I do if I lose my Collection Code from HubBox?

If you have lost the Collection Code sent to you by HubBox via email, you can still collect your parcel with one of the forms of ID listed above. If you require a new Collection Code, please don’t hesitate to contact HubBox at and they will send you a new one.


What should I do if I don’t receive my Collection Code from HubBox?

If you haven’t received an email from HubBox with your Collection Code within 24 hours of your parcel’s expected arrival date, then please contact HubBox on 0207 859 4577 and their Customer Service team will be able to help you.


Can someone else collect my order on my behalf?

Yes, it is possible for someone to collect your parcel on your behalf, but they must have your Collection Code.


What if my order includes items from multiple warehouses?

We sometimes ship different items from different warehouse locations. In this instance the same ID will be used, but you may have more than one package to collect. If you have ordered multiple items, we strongly recommend asking the collection point if there are any additional parcels, or to open and check your parcel before you leave your collection point. Parcels are sent by different couriers, so on the odd occasion you may find an additional parcel has not yet arrived at your collection point. Please contact us if your parcel(s) have not arrived in whole on 01903 726 077.


How long will I have to collect my parcel?

You have 14 days to collect your parcel. After 14 days, HubBox reserves the right to arrange for alternative storage arrangements or return the parcel to sender.


What should I do if my parcel isn't available when I arrive at the HubBox Collect Point?

Please contact HubBox on 0207 859 4577 and they will look into it.