Our Environment, and Yours

Like you, we care about the environment and do what we can to minimise any negative impact we may have. Here are just a few examples:

Reducing energy usage

When there is enough natural daylight, we turn off whichever warehouse lights we can – usually 50% (the rest of the lights are too far from the windows, and we can't have people working in the dark).

Reducing waste

With so many goods to stock, as you can imagine, we are receiving new deliveries all the time. Therefore, we shred 100% of card that comes through the door, and use it as packing material.

Reducing carbon

Environmental consciousness is not just about what we can do as a business, but also what each of us can do as individuals. That's why more than half our staff cycle to work, even in the winter. We're hardy souls here at Rinkit.


Where possible, we source products from environmentally responsible suppliers, and all our giftware is ethically traded.

For more information, you may find these websites useful: