Jar Preparation

How to sterilise and prepare sealed jars

Our range of Nicola Spring Storage Jars are ideal for storing essentials in your kitchen and around the home.

They can also be used in the process of making preserves and jams, but as with any brand of sealed glass storage jar it is very important to sterilise the jars, lids and seals before use, which also will prepare the seals for an airtight fit.

Sterilising your jars

Method 1 - Boiling Water
• Remove any rubber seals from your jars
• Place in a deep pot so that the jar and lid will be covered
• Fill with water covering the jars and lids completely
• In a separate small pan, fill with water and add the seals
• Bring both pots/pans to the boil, and then cover for 15 minutes
• Turn off the heat and allow the jars and seals to stand in the hot water
• Just before filling turn your jars upside down on a kitchen towel to dry
Method 2 - Oven Heat
• Set your oven to 140C/ 120C fan / gas mark 1
• Remove any rubber seals from your jars
• Wash the jars in hot soapy water, and rinse well (do not dry)
• Place the jars on a baking tray in the oven to dry completely
• Meanwhile in a small plan place the seals and cover with water
• Bring the pan to the boil and cover for approx 5 minutes


Sealing your jars


• Fill the jars whilst they are still hot
• Ensure that any excess filling is removed from the lip of the jars and lid
• Refit the the seals to the jars carefully
• Close the lids, and place the jars into a large pot and cover with water
• Bring the water to the boil for approx 30 minutes
• Leave to cool completely in the water (do not remove from the pan)
• Check the seal has formed, and then place in storage as per the recipe or your proven method.