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Harbour Housewares Clothing / Suitcase Zipper Fixers - Pack of 16

By: Harbour Housewares

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Pack of 16 Zip Fixers
8 x Small Fixer (2.5cm handle)
8 x Large Fixer (3.5cm handle)
This product could save the life of a coat, jacket or suitcase!
Simply loop the metal part through the zip and click the handle on
You can't fasten your jacket, pull up your trousers or secure your suitcase without the help of your zipper. When the pull breaks, on a much-loved garment or piece of luggage, replacing the zipper can be pricy. With these zipper fixers, you can repair the zipper yourself for next to nothing!

A simple click of one of these zipper fixers is all it takes to repair any garment or suitcase.

Used to keep a zipper operable when the pull breaks off

Silver metal piece slips out of the fixer with ease

Click the metal into place around the loop in the zipper for a quick fix

Can also be used to make zippers with small pulls easier to use

Fix broken zipper pulls without the hassle and expense of replacing the entire zipper!

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