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Argon Tableware 'Tallo' Contemporary White Wine Glasses - Gift Box Of 6 Glasses 295ml (10oz)
ST-AT-WG214 x 6

By: Argon Tableware

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Set of 6 contemporary White Wine Glasses with a smooth finish and slanting sides creating an elegant shape

This set comes in a stylish colour printed box with a stunning pattern making it the perfect gift

Dimensions: Height: 190mm Diameter at top: 59mm

Fine glassware made for everyday use and suitable for all occasions

Why not have your own wine tasting party and get your glasses out for everyone to admire

You can't enjoy white wine to the fullest in just any glass. The unique design of the Argon Tableware Tallo White Wine Glasses enhances the flavour and aroma of the finest white vintages and will have you serving guests in style.

These wine glasses have a modern look that adds modern elegance to tablescapes and are produced from the finest quality glass.

- Attractive pedestal base adds beauty and prevents tipping

- Long stem keeps your fingers off the bowl to help wine stay chilled

- Sized to hold 295ml (10.3oz) capacity

- Each glass is 190mm tall by 59mm in diameter at the top

Serve white wine in a way that is certain to delight the palate and please the eye! Order the Argon Tableware White Wine Glasses now.

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