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1L Scandi Storage Jar - By Argon Tableware1L Scandi Storage Jar - By Argon Tableware
1.5L Scandi Storage Jar - By Argon Tableware1.5L Scandi Storage Jar - By Argon Tableware

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Storage jars are a great organisational option. Anything can go in a storage jar that needs to be in an air tight container. Some things that can go in storge jars include anything from spices and dried pasta to washing up detergents and medical supplies.

Storage jars are used to keep food and liquids fresh, due to their air tight seal. They can also be a great way to organise herbs and spices which look great on display when labelled up.

Food will last longer in an airtight storage jar as it preserves the food's freshness by blocking air and moisture and even animals, which can lead the food to become mouldy over time.