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Trying to minimise food waste is something that we should all aspire to. However, without proper meal planning and good organisation this can be a challenge. We all lead busy lives, and it’s all too easy to forget what’s in your fridge or cupboards, grab something on the go, and end up having to throw away spoiled food. One quick win is to invest in some good quality storage jars so you can keep any ingredients or food leftovers in an ordered and accessible way.

Storage jars make it easy to see what you have in your cupboards at a glance; they’ll also help preserve ingredients for longer, keeping them sealed so air can’t get in.

Storage jars and other kitchen storage solutions such as freezer bags, Tupperware, lunch bags, cool bags, and boxes can all help you live a more eco-friendly life. Even investing in tins to organise other kitchen essentials from tea bags to dishwasher tablets can preserve the life of the products you buy, help you to see what you have and what you need, and minimise the amount of waste you create.

Fantastic storage jar solutions for a greener, cleaner kitchen!

Here at Rinkit, we are proud to provide our customers with a vast range of storage jars and other kitchen storage solutions to help people better organise their food and live a more eco-friendly life. 

Here are some of the products you can buy:

Storage jars

Eco-friendly storage jars

A good quality storage jar will be robust and durable and ensure the contents are sealed in an airtight container to maximise their lifespan. We offer a massive range of storage jars in different shapes and sizes. Our larger storage jars, such as our Argon Tableware 2.2L Square Glass Storage Jar with Wooden Lid, are ideal for easy access to cereals or sweet treats such as cookies and biscuits. Our Heart Glass Storage Jar by Nicola Spring comes with a classic wire lock design and an airtight silicone seal. It’s perfect for adding a romantic touch to your home and great for storing small items such as tea bags or sugar. For a more contemporary look, our 290ml Sera Glass Storage Jars come in a handy three-pack and have glass stopper lids, ideal for keeping nuts and seeds fresh and handy to sprinkle into your favourite dishes whenever you fancy. 

We have hundreds of designs available on our site, so whatever you are looking for to store your kitchen items, we are sure you’ll find just what you are looking for. Browse the entire range here!

Storage jar labels, lids and seals

Chalkboard labels

Of course, it’s all well and good trying to reduce your food waste with storage jars, but without staying organised this might be tricky! Storage jar labels are perfect for keeping on top of what’s what. We offer a range of glass storage jar labels, such as our Chalk Board Stickers from Argon Tableware. These labels come in various sizes, are easy to peel and stick on your jars, and can be written on with any standard liquid chalk pen. The wipe-clean surface means that you can reuse and re-label your jars time and time again. We also offer packs of lids in different materials such as metal or wooden, as well as replacement silicone seals should yours become worn. This means you can ensure you get the most use out of your jars, keeping your kitchen perfectly ordered and your food fresher for longer. 

Other storage solutions for your kitchen

Pet food storage

Pet food storage

Keep your four-legged friends food as fresh as yours with these pet food storage solutions! These handy Vintage Metal Pet Food Canisters not only look great but will help ensure your pet food stays fresh and delicious to get those tails wagging, and they come with a handy pouring spout too!

Bread bins

Bread bin storage

A stylish bread bin like this super sleek option from Harbour Housewares can look fantastic on your kitchen counter and will help keep bread fresher for longer. No more stale sarnies - hooray!

Lunch bags and Cool bags

lunch bag storage

Need to transport food? Whether you are preparing a packed lunch for the kids or planning the perfect picnic, our range of insulated lunch bags and cool bags are ideal for keeping food fresh and safely stored until you are ready to eat. Ours come in a fantastic variety of vibrant colours and patterns that are sure to brighten up your day - shop the range now!

Dishwasher tablets tin

dishwasher tablets storage

To keep your dishwasher tablets safely stored, why not invest in a dishwasher tablet tin like this stylish vintage metal option from Harbour Housewares? This will keep your household essentials sorted and ensure there are no annoying spillages or wastage. You can re-use the tin again and again, meaning you could even look into more eco-friendly packaging-free tablet options in the future!

Eco-friendly storage solutions from Rinkit!

So if you are looking for ways to preserve your food and protect the planet at the same time, these storage jars and other food storage solutions are ideal. For all the best eco-friendly storage options to keep you organised, preserve your food, and save you money, Rinkit has got you covered!



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