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Stay warm this autumn and prepare for Christmas

Stay warm this autumn and prepare for Christmas 0

As the autumn leaves start to drop and the days get darker, stay warm this fall with our hot water bottles and explore our Christmas items in preparation for the festive season. As the Autumnal Equinox approaches, harvest your ideas for Christmas and get ready for the winter season to start.

Harbour Housewares Hot Water Bottles

From £4.99

On a cold night, there is nothing better than warming up with our Harbour Housewares Striped Hot Water Bottles. The feeling of the rubber bottle against your skin is less than pleasant, so our hot water bottles have a knitted cover with cable knit weave and turtleneck top. Stay warm this winter and explore our Hot Water Bottle Range.


Rink Drink Classic Latte Coffee Glasses


Turn your kitchen into a coffee shop with our Rink Drink Classic Latte Coffee Glasses. Crafted from high-quality toughened glass, these glasses are the perfect companions to your morning routine.


Rink Drink Thermo Insulated Hot Drinking Glasses


Our Thermo Insulated Hot Drinking Glasses feature a double wall design that suspends drinks within an inner wall that creates a beautiful optical illusion for your favourite flavors.


Argon Tableware Charger Plates


Our Argon Tableware Charger Plates in Gold are perfect Christmas, new year’s, birthdays and special celebrations. Add glamour to Christmas Table setting with our vibrant collection of charger plates.



Argon Tableware Napkin Rings


Add some charm and keep your napkins tidy with our Argon Tableware Napkin Rings in Silver which come in a pack of six. Available in four colours; you can add glamour to dinner parties and turn dinner into a dining experience.


Rink Drink Gin Glasses


Serve Gin cocktails the traditional way with our Rink Drink Spanish Gin and Tonic Cocktail Glasses. Gin is making a big comeback in bars around the world, if you want to try your hand at crafting them at home, you need the right glassware to immerse yourself in a flavourful juniper experience.


Harbour Housewares Artificial Christmas Trees

From £1.99

Our Harbour Housewares Artificial Pine Christmas Tree with Stand adds a festive decor to your home. Easy to assemble, all you have to do is slot the sections together and arrange the branches to fit your decorations.


Argon Tableware Glass Teapot and Strainer Set


Our stylish Argon Tableware Glass Tea-For-One Tea Pot, Cup and Strainer Set is a perfect companion for any tea-lover. Clear glass teapots are an excellent choice if you’re fascinated with the brewing process and the way tea leaves release the flavours we enjoy.


Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars
from £1.99

Our Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jars provide the ideal storage space for your favorite foods and preserves. This practical storage glassware is suitable for pickling, dry fruits, and bottled fruits.

  • Chris Perry
National No Beard Day – Shed your beard with Rinkit

National No Beard Day – Shed your beard with Rinkit 0

In celebration of National No Beard Day (18 October), clean up that beard and get a head start for Movember. Rinkit is here to help you rock that fresh, bare face. Whether it be a rugged beard, scruffy moustache or an itchy bit of stubble, our top three Nicholas Winter Shaving sets are here to help.


White Shaving Set


Nicholas Winter Modern Shaving Set in White


This classically styled shaving holder is crafted from robust and easy to clean stainless steel that allows your brush and razor to dry after use. This set matches with modern bathroom decor with its timeless design.

Traditional Silver Shaving Set


Nicholas Winter Traditional Shaving Set including Bowl, Brush, and Stand


This Traditional Shaving Set is reminiscent of classic barber shops and adds a traditional design to your bathroom decor. Compatible with Gillette Mach 3 Razors and blades, this set is the perfect present for Christmas.

Classic Black Shaving Set

Nicholas Winter Classic Shaving Set in Black


This minimal shaving set keeps it simple, with its sleek chrome stand and black handles. Ideal for bathrooms with limited space, this shaving set will keep that beard in check all year round.

  • Chris Perry
Top 5 National Champagne Week product picks

Top 5 National Champagne Week product picks 1

Love Champagne? Then you’ll love next week as it’s National Champagne Week (1–8 October). What better excuse is there to splash out on the finest Champagne and most elegant glassware from Rinkit.com

Checkout our top champagne products picks below and enjoy your tipple in style.

1) Estilo Champagne Flute Crystal Glasses - Set of 6


Whip out the bubbles and enjoy a glass of prosecco with our Argon Tableware Estilo Champagne Flute Crystal Glasses. Crafted from crystal glass, this pristine glassware is perfect for home and professional use.

2) Harbour Housewares - 42 Bottle Assembled Wood Wine Rack


Is it wine o'clock most days in your household? Our Handsomely crafted Harbour Housewares 42 Bottle Wine Rack in Black Wood is fully assembled and stores your favourite wine and champagne bottles. This rack is well built, fully self-supporting and saves our customers time because they don't need to construct the rack themselves.

3) Argon Tableware Classic Champagne Flutes - Set of 6


Turn an event into a real celebration with our Argon Tableware Classic Champagne Flutes. These glasses have a timeless design, are easy to grip, and the long stem keeps your champagne fresh. Serve sparkling wines and champagne in elegant style.


4) Argon Tableware Vintage Champagne Saucers - Set of 6


Turn an event into a truly special occasion and enjoy pouring the bubbly into our Argon Tableware Fabulous Champagne Saucers. The extra wide bowl shows off the bubbles in fine champagne, and the Sleek tapered stems create a sophisticated silhouette.

5) Harbour Housewares - Wall Mounted Champagne Rack 


Show off your selection of wine bottles while adding a decorative element to your kitchen or cellar wall with our Harbour Housewares 5 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack.

  • Chris Perry
Upcycling Bathroom Cabinets with Made Up Style

Upcycling Bathroom Cabinets with Made Up Style 0

Buying a new home can be expensive, and the average UK cost of a new bathroom is £4,500*. Thankfully Anna from Made Up Style has shared cost-cutting tips with her bathroom cabinet makeover with Rinkit.com.

"Despite not actually getting a new suite, the little changes we have made make it feel like a whole new room, and the latest update might just be my favourite. I decided to give our old bathroom cabinets a revamp with a little help from Rinkit, here’s how I did it…"

Anna upcycled her bathroom cabinets by sanding down the cabinet doors and attaching a selection of our Nicola Spring door knobs. By mixing up the shapes and patterns on each door, she created a fabulous new bathroom style without breaking the bank.

Visit Made up Style for more home improvement tips and make sure you visit our door knobs collection to find inspiration for your next home improvement project.

Blogger: Anna from Made Up Style

*Detailed breakdown of bathroom cost from Victora Plum

  • Chris Perry
Quickly update your kitchen with Lucy's Lookbook

Quickly update your kitchen with Lucy's Lookbook 0

The kitchen is the heart of any home. If you're looking to create a new table setting or you want to spruce up mealtimes without breaking the bank, check out Lucy's Quick Kitchen Update on a Budget.

"With the style of the kitchen fairly modern and not to my taste (I would much prefer something which had a more country look to it), I’ve been keen since we moved in to ensure that we could make it more exciting than it’s current monochrome colour palette. And with a new kitchen not on the cards, I’ve been keen to add little bits and pieces that won’t break the bank and are easy to do."

Lucy added colourful elements to her kitchen with our range of Patterned Nicola Spring Crockery and commented that our slate placemats and coaster sets were perfect for her new tablescape.

"The slate placemats and coasters were something we had considered purchasing for a while, although we already have a heart set they don’t fit on the table all that well due to their shape, so these are slim enough for us to fit everything we need on them and on the table too."

For more ideas on how to improve your home on a budget visit our lucy's blog and explore our sales page.

Blogger: Lucy's Lookbook

  • Chris Perry
Shelving styles with Made Up Style

Shelving styles with Made Up Style 0

Anna from Made Up Style has been sprucing up her her bedroom in her recent post 'Bedroom Makeover with Rinkit & Tips for Styling Shelves.' 

Rinkit White Shelving

Explaining how she transforms an old photo gallery wall into clean space with plenty of storage, Anna shares a quick visual guide to show how easy it is to put up her new wall shelves.

Constructing Rinkit Shelving
"Once we had slid the shelves onto the brackets, they were secured in place with some small screws. It didn’t take long before the shelves were up and ready to decorate."

For five useful tips for your next shelving project, visit Made Up Style to find out how to make the most out of your small spaces. If you're looking to purchase wall shelves, visit our shelving collection.

Completed Rinkit Shelving
Blogger: Anna at Made Up Style

  • Chris Perry