Kids' Tableware

Can’t have functional without fun! Gone are the meal times have to be boring, but we also lower the risk of your little one tipping it onto your nice kitchen floor (or sibling) with our mounted suction cups. Our range of kids’ tableware and cutlery features plates, bowls and spoons, forks and knives, all in fresh and funky colours and designs. Even the fussiest eater will have a clean plate. Our bamboo products are naturally robust - more than capable of taking a tumble from the table top - and, better still, are 100% biodegradable, giving peace of mind well after dinnertime is over.

It won’t be long till they are feeding themselves, and who knows how long until they are helping you out in the kitchen? Until then give yourself peace of mind knowing their dinner won’t end up on the floor.

Kids' Tableware

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