Since 2008 Rinkit Ltd has sold products that delight customers across the United Kingdom and Europe at prices that can’t be matched in retail stores or by our online competitors. We started on Amazon and eBay (where we still operate today), and our customer satisfaction scores continue to stay at 99.8%. We are committed to sourcing stylish and dependable products that are fantastic value for money, helping our customers transform houses into homes.

We have created a suite of trusted brands that have grown the business from a bedroom operation in Horsham created by three friends from Collyer's College; into a multi-million pound West Sussex based SME that contributes to the local economy employing over 30 full-time staff, and many temporary staff throughout the year. As an import retailer; we identify, market and ship products to customers with seven homeware and garden brands.

Our customers are as diverse as our products, and we support UK businesses looking to buy high-quality products for their clients. We supply sweet shops with scoops, restaurants and bars with wine glasses, hotels with sun loungers and arts and crafts enthusiasts with photo frames and door knobs. If you’re a business looking for a quotation, please contact

Sourcing high-quality products from around the world

We work with well-known brands found all over the world like Resol, who supply our garden chairs found in our garden collection and Bormioli Rocco, who create beautiful glasses. We also work with suppliers who hand make products like our seagrass placemats which are made in Bangladesh. Every year we go travelling across the globe to find products for your home that are unique and can't be found anywhere else.

Trusted brands created by us started by supplying quality glassware with our Rink Drink gin glasses, cocktail glasses and champagne flutes. We sell well-made items that transform houses into homes. Our kitchenware range includes kitchen dining tables and essentials like cookware and cutlery.

We source the majority of our products directly from our suppliers, which is how we can offer such competitive prices. We’ve created leading brands like Harbour Housewares and Nicola Spring that showcase our commitment to supplying high-quality products that can’t be found anywhere else. One of our newest brands Tiny Dining focuses on developing a collection of products created for children's dining, with designs that will make your little loved ones smile.

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