Serving Plate Ideas to Impress your Guests

Serving Plate Ideas to Impress your Guests

If you are hosting an event that centres around food (and, let's face it, most celebrations do!), you might want to consider how you'll serve up your culinary creations. As the saying "you eat with your eyes" goes, making your dishes as visually appealing as possible can add a sense of occasion to the affair, impress your guests, and is sure to make for a truly memorable time. So what are some great serving plate ideas to ensure that you have what you need to serve a spectacular meal? No matter what you've decided to cook, we've got some fantastic serving plate ideas that will bring style, vibrancy, and finesse to your dining table. Let's take a look.


The best serving plate ideas for every occasion!

Fish Plates

If you are serving up seafood, a classic fish plate will look great. Fish plates are typically stylish, smooth, and shallow, making it easy to serve up the fish and pass it on to the next guest. Some fish plates are even shaped like the fish, adding a sense of fun too.


Fruit Bowls

If you are serving fruit as a snack or want to add some natural colour to your dining table, a fruit bowl can be a great way of keeping things sophisticated and understated. A fruit bowl overflowing with a variety of fresh, exotic fruits can be highly appealing. Think deep red strawberries, bright clementine's, zesty yellow lemons, and green limes to give a good contrast of colours that are bound to catch some attention.


Cheese Boards

If you plan to serve a cheese course at your meal, doing so on a good cheese board will impress your guests. Cheese boards are a great way of enjoying a variety of delicious cheeses, usually after the main or pudding course. There is a vast range of cheese boards to choose from, from clear glass options to cool slate boards, wooden boards, and colourful options too.


Nibbles and Hors D’oeuvres

Are you serving up some entrees before you eat? Doing so on some fancy serving plates or boards will create a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for your soiree. Consider the food you are serving and then match the boards or plates accordingly. A muted colour palette and thick china plates may be best if the occasion is more of a grown-up affair. If you are having a proper knees-up, why not inject some fun and energy by choosing brightly patterned plates in a variety of different shades or colours?


Casserole Dishes

We all love a delicious freshly cooked meal put down on the dining table as a bit of a showstopper. If you want guests to truly admire your culinary skills, why not get them to serve themselves straight from the pot? Cooking in a casserole dish is a pleasure, and choosing an attractive one to present your food in can make all the difference.


Dining Plates

Of course, when it comes to serving great food, you can't forget about the dining plates. Dining plates will be used time and time again, so it's a good idea to choose ones that you love. There are hundreds of varieties of dining plates to choose from, and they come in different shapes, styles, and materials. So whether you love something brightly patterned, enjoy a subtle touch of colour, or prefer classic white, considering the dining plates that will bring you joy every time you serve up your food is a smart move.


Other things to consider

Of course, when it comes to creating an impressive dining table layout, there are also many other elements to consider. Selecting your glassware, tablecloth, napkins, and cutlery can make a big difference when deciding your overall look. You may also wish to consider how you accessorise your dining table to create more ambiance. Placemats can add colour and texture, candles and lanterns can create cosy or intimate lighting, and other decorations such as stylish centrepieces can make more of a party atmosphere.


Serving plates from Rinkit

The above ideas can help ensure you have an impressive array of serving plates and the appropriate serving plate for every occasion. So the next time you host a dinner party, special event, or get-together, why not browse the serving plates, bowls, and dishes from Rinkit to elevate your hosting game and impress your guests?

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