Different Types of Serving Dishes

Different Types of Serving Dishes

Whether you are sitting down to a fun family meal or hosting a fancy dinner party, having suitable serving dishes to hand can make your life as a head chef a whole lot easier! From bowls to serve snacks for those movie nights on the sofa to platters and boards to serve up a range of lovingly cooked dishes and sides, here at Rinkit, we've got a massive range of serving dishes to choose from.


Serving dishes for every occasion

Whether you are looking for a small dish to serve up some condiments, want to make your snack game more sophisticated, or are hoping to serve an elegant cheese course at the end of your meal, we explain the different types of seeing dishes and how to use them below. There are many different types of serving dishes out there, and lots of them are multi-use. Having a well-stocked kitchen full of all the crockery, dishes, and utensils you need is an absolute pleasure, so if you are thinking of restocking your kitchen to make cooking and serving more leisurely, take a look at some of the handiest serving dishes below.


Fruit bowls

A fruit bowl is a glorious thing - not only will it keep all your delicious, healthy treats in one place, but it can also be a thing of beauty to behold too! A well-stocked fruit bowl on top of a dining table or worktop provides a great splash of colour and will remind you to keep eating healthily too!


Salad bowls

Salad bowls are a kitchen essential. A nice salad bowl is great for serving up a variety of nutritious salads - there are so many great recipes to choose from to ensure your family gets their five a day! Salad bowls are good for when you have guests over, too, and come in a great variety of shapes and designs to suit your style. Don't forget about salad tongs too!


Snack bowls

When you've got guests over, it can feel nice to serve up snacks in a variety of bowls rather than just plonking a packet of crisps on the table. Snack bowls are great for all kinds of snacks, from crisps and nuts to dips, popcorn, and crudités.


Serving boards

Serving boards are fantastic for when you are hosting and a great way of displaying your lovingly cooked dishes in style. For entrees and appetisers, serving boards can really elevate your food game. They are also perfect for serving up cold meats, olives, and cheeses too.


Casserole dishes

Whether you are cooking a hearty family dinner or having people over for a special occasion, or just catching up with friends, a cast-iron casserole dish is going to be your best friend. Ideal for creating delicious one-pot meals, they look fantastic and make a great centrepiece in the middle of the dining table. You can get your guests to help themselves and serve up rich stews and casseroles, or they are great for dishes such as curries and paella too!


Sugar bowls, salt, and pepper mills

It's nice to serve seasonings in lovely bowls, too - a pretty sugar bowl or nice new salt and pepper grinder can be the finishing touches to your smart, sophisticated, and well-equipped kitchen.

Ice cream glasses

If you want to serve an ice cream sundae or even any kind of delicious pudding with an ice cream accompaniment, a glass pudding dish is the way to go. Let guests admire your handiwork with the see-through sides and get stuck into delicious sweet treats for an after-dinner delight.

Pick up your serving dishes at Rinkit today!

At Rinkit, we are pleased to offer our customers a vast range of serving dishes to ensure you have everything you need in your kitchen. Our serving dishes are colourful, robust, and come in all different shapes and sizes, so browse our range and discover your new serving dish today!

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