This seasons' outdoor Summer glassware

This seasons' outdoor Summer glassware

There is nothing better than relaxing outdoors in the summer sun with a refreshing drink in your hand - especially when a spontaneous heatwave hits! Whether you are having a full-on celebration, an intimate dinner party, or it’s just for you, sipping from the ideal glass to match your favourite tipple can elevate the experience. So what are some fantastic glasses to add to your drinks cabinets and ensure you are fully prepared for summer, whatever the weather brings?


Summer glassware for every occasion

Beer glasses

A cold, refreshing beer is just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer’s day. Whether you like a full pint or a dainty half, we’ve got some high-quality beer glasses to keep your beverage cold and delicious, just as it should be.


Highball Glasses

Highball glasses are super versatile and great for any drink with a lot of liquid. Highball glasses are perfect for soft drinks and double up as hydrating water glasses. They are also ideal for drinks that require lots of mixers and ice.


Shot Glasses

If you are in a party mood, then a few shots can heighten the excitement! Grab some shot glasses, play a silly game and get everyone in that celebratory spirit pronto!


Tumbler Glasses

Tumbler glasses are perfect for all sorts of drinks. They are easy to hold and have a wide mouth, so they are great for gulping down something delicious and refreshing.


Champagne Glasses

Of course, there is nothing quite as lovely as celebrating in the sun, and when there is a celebration, champagne corks will be flying. Delicate champagne glasses keep drinks cold and fizzy and look rather elegant too.


Cocktail Glasses

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine with your very favourite cocktail in hand. If you’ve got guests over, mixing up a batch of cocktails can be a sure-fire way to impress them and set the mood for the evening ahead.


Gin & Tonic Glasses

A g & t in the sunshine? Don’t mind if we do! Make sure you serve yours with lots of ice and fresh lime - the perfect refreshing drink to keep you cool on a hot day.


Wine Glasses

Of course, opening a bottle of your favourite wine, be that white, red, or rose, and sipping it while kicking back and unwinding in your outdoor space is one of the highlights of any summer’s day. We’ve got a great selection of top-quality wine glasses to choose from!


Outdoor summer drink accessories

Don’t forget about these helpful outdoor drinking accessories too!


Ice buckets

Ice buckets are ideal for loading up with beers or keeping spirits, mixers, or wine bottles nicely chilled for when you are ready to top up!



When it comes to serving great wine, the French do it best. A carafe will make a lovely addition to your alfresco dining table.


Pitchers and Jugs

If you are having guests round, making up a pitcher or jug of your favourite drink makes it easier to serve everyone at once.


Wine Coolers

A high-quality wine cooler will ensure your white and rose wines stay crisp and fresh even in scorching temperatures!


Rinkit - for all your summer glassware needs!

Whatever kind of drink you love, we’ve got the perfect glass to enjoy it. So get the party started this summer and stock up on your summer glassware at Rinkit today!

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