Our Pick: Top 5 box photo frames ideas to try

Our Pick: Top 5 box photo frames ideas to try

The photo box trend is still going strong and is a great way to add a cool and contemporary look to any room of the house. Photo box frames are great because the potential to be creative is limitless. So whether you are looking for a way to immortalise some treasured memories, want to get crafty, or are looking to make a heart-warming present for a loved one, a box photo frame is a great idea. Box photo frames come in all shapes and sizes and look great on walls and shelves. They come in a range of colours too, so they are a great way to add a splash of colour to rooms and brighten up your home. If you want to jump aboard the photo box trend, but aren’t exactly sure what to put in them, never fear! Below we’ve got five excellent box photo frame ideas to try that will look great in every home.

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Box photo frame ideas - our top picks

1. Dried flowers

Dried flowers can be bold and bright or delicate and muted. You might want to pick and press your own or dry flowers from a special occasion so you can carry the memory of it with you forever. Arranging dried flowers in a photo box frame is an excellent alternative to fresh cut flowers as they bring the same colour and nature into your home but are more cost-effective and better for the environment too.


2. Scrabble letters

We know that the scrabble letter thing has been done to death, but you know the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Scrabble letters in box photo frames are cute and kitsch and look great whichever room you hang them in. Spell a loved one’s name, write a cute or funny message, and create something that’s just for you. Scrabble letters are easy to come by, and you can add a photo of a unique or fun memory alongside your word or message too.

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3. Heart-warming memories

Ticket stubs from your first date to the cinema, wristbands to that fantastic gig, a beer mat from the time you sat in the pub for hours and laughed until you cried - you get the picture (and you can make one too)! If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to let go of scraps and trinkets of special times you’ve had, why not proudly display them in your home in a box photo frame? Doing so will not only remind you of those great times and be a good talking point for when you have guests but will also ensure these items are preserved better for longer too.


4. Glitter quote

A cool glitter quote can be just the thing to lift us up and motivate us when we need some inspiration. Making a glitter quote for your box photo frame is easy. Simply choose some glitter card in a colour of your choice for the background, then write the words on another piece of card and cut out the letters - this card will go over the top to create an excellent glittery 3D quote that you can look at whenever you need a pick me up.


5. Button art

If you love to get a bit crafty and have a good imagination, then the world is your oyster with button art. All you need is a bunch of buttons, and you can create patterns and pictures that will inject some colour, creativity, and fun into your home - a great project to do with the little ones too.

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Box photo frames - general tips

Mix up sizes

Mixing up sizes can add interest to the wall. So why not invest in a few different-sized picture frames and put together your own fabulous set of three Nicola Spring 3D box photo frames, starting with the 4” x 4” frame, 5” x 7” frame and 8” x 8” frame to create a whole new look for your wall?


Get colourful

Box photo frames come in a whole range of colours and designs, so don’t stick to something plain; get some colour on those walls and pick frames in different shades to really draw the eye and brighten up the room.


Rinkit - for all your box photo frame requirements!

So now you are feeling all inspired, why not browse the full range of high-quality box photo frames from Rinkit today? We’ve got lots of styles, sizes, and colours to choose from, so whatever your project, we’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for here!

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