The difference between sun loungers and deck chairs

The difference between sun loungers and deck chairs

Upgrading your outdoor space can be a challenge. There are so many furniture options to choose from that can leave you asking an important question, “what is the difference between sun loungers and deck chairs?” Well, luckily we are on hand to help! It is a question we regularly get asked by our customers. So, we thought why not put together a blog to help you out! 

The differences between sun loungers and deck chairs are huge and making the choice between them can depend on a variety of factors, storage space, intended use, style aesthetic to name a few.

Everything you need to know about sun loungers and deck chairs 

Five key differences between sun loungers and deck chairs 

  • Sun loungers offer brilliant support for your legs and offer storage for your devices and drinks.

  • Sun loungers typically have multiple seating positions.

  • Deck chairs are easy to transport to the beach,or to the park, as they fold down flat.

  • Deck chairs come in a larger range of colours, the fabric can be washed if spillages occur.

  • Deck chairs are more lightweight than sun loungers.

Benefits of Sun Loungers

Relaxing in the beautiful sunshine is usually high on the priority list when choosing your outdoor furniture. Sun loungers are a great option, especially those that offer several reclining positions. Sometimes referred to as day beds, due to the comfort level they offer, sun loungers are the ideal addition for those who wish to kick back and relax. Each sun lounger offers an ergonomic design and multiple reclining options meaning you can lay down for a snooze or sit up and read a book or magazine. Some of our sun loungers also include wheels for easy manoeuvring and cup holders to keep your favourite drink within touching distance.

Benefits of Deck Chairs

Deck chairs are another brilliant option for your garden or patio area. They offer a high level of comfort and bring an old-world feel to your space. Our Harbour Housewares Deck Chairs offer three seating positions to allow you to sit more upright to read a book or relax and grab twenty winks with the lower options. Unlike sun loungers, deck chairs do not offer support for your legs, but this is not essential depending on your preferences. Deck chairs fold flat meaning the storage space required for them is minimal. They are also lightweight, allowing you to move them around to your garden to chase the sun's rays late into the evening.

Whatever your seating preferences, you can find a huge range here at Rinkit that will keep you going season after season.

Our top Deck Chair 

Our Folding Wooden Deck Chair by Harbour Housewares offers multiple seating positions and is made from durable FSC natural beech wood.

Our top Sun Lounger Picks 

Resol Palamos 3-Position Sun Lounger - this sun lounger offers multiple seating positions and has handy wheels at the back so you can chase the sun round your back garden all afternoon.

Resol Master 5-Position Sun Lounger - this sun lounger is available in three colours and has five seating positions. It also features built-in phone and drink holders to keep your essentials close by.

Harbour Housewares Sussex Garden Sun Lounger - the textilene canvas bed cradles you like a hammock for ultimate comfort. This sun lounger by Harbour Housewares has twin armrests and four-seating positions.


Still unsure about the difference between sun loungers and deck chairs - and looking for more information? We have you covered! 

We have multiple buying guides, blogs and FAQs on both sun loungers and deck chairs to provide you with more than enough information when you are choosing the right fit.

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