Bathroom Accessories Ideas: A Buyer's Guide

Stuck for some bathroom accessories ideas for your home but know you want to give it a spruce up? Decorating the bathroom doesn't always have to mean a complete, expensive revamp, just by adding a few decorative touches, you can transform the whole look. We will cover our favourite bathroom accessories ideas in this buyer's guide to take some of the hassle off your plate! With bathroom accessories to cover every corner you'll have planned a wholly transformed space before you reach the end.


Our bathroom accessories ideas include the essentials – if they add to the look of your bathroom then they’re an accessory.

Toilet brushes and bins are a must-have to keep things looking fresh and clean, whether they’re tucked away in the corner or comfortably placed in plain sight, they are still a stylish bathroom accessory. Don’t forget toilet roll holders too, there’s nothing worse than a bland stack of toilet rolls or worse – no spare toilet rolls! Each of these important accessories can come in a variety of styles, but we must confess, there’s nothing quite as great as a matching bathroom set!


Keeping the sink clutter free can seem almost impossible,
there’s just so many things you need on hand.

Toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and soap dishes are not as vital, but can really make life that bit easier! Imagine not having to wipe toothpaste off the side of the sink all the time, worry about your toothbrush face down on the side, or even those sticky soap marks on the side. Whether you prefer liquid soap or a bar of soap, both come in a range of styles that will keep your sink side nice and clean, while a handy toothbrush holder will keep your toothbrush and toothpaste easily accessible for those morning rushes!


If you’re a bath lover, the right bathroom accessories ideas can really enhance your whole bathing experience. Ensure you can bathe with everything you need at arms reach with a bath tray that sturdily sits across you, similarly, keep your hair care essentials on a bathroom tray to lift them out the puddle of water that gathers on the side. Continue your wholly relaxing experience even once you step out the bath or shower with a luxurious Turkish cotton bath towel.


Bathrooms are just never really big enough, so that means we must make the most of our wall space and those pesky corners. The bathroom accessories idea I particularly love, is using glass shelves; they offer a clean and crisp look that suits any décor and they’re a handy and convenient storage solution that doesn’t take up any floor space. Glass shelves are also splash zone safe, so you can keep your shower gels and shampoos close.


Bathroom accessories come in a vast selection of colours and patterns, you can choose a classic blue and white, nautical theme, featuring that timeless blue and white stripe design, you might opt for a sleek, industrial style with blacks and silvers, or you might even want to make statements with bold and vibrant colours (my personal favourite!). All bathroom accessories ideas can be impressive, but if you want that 5* hotel look, matching sets are the way to go – they create a striking décor that looks ‘together’ and planned.


Just like colour, bathroom accessories will come in a range of materials, for all different reasons. Opt for ceramic accessories if your ideas consist of glossy finishes and a shiny bathroom, concrete if you’re trying to achieve an industrial tone, or Polyresin for an overall matt look. Each of these are just as well designed for the bathroom as each other, but if you’re looking to recreate your bathroom accessories ideas on a budget, ceramic is the cheapest material.


What is a bathroom without a mirror? It’s almost as
essential as a toilet! Ok, maybe not, but it’s very important.

Hang a large mirror on the wall in small bathrooms to create the illusion of space and light and use rectangle mirrors specifically to extend the width of your walls and raise the ceiling. However, for traditional rectangular sinks, rounded mirrors above look amazing creating a contrast in the room. A freestanding, small mirror is a great accessory for the windowsill, or even on a shelf for those up close and personal looks.


We all know being with nature is good for us, so bring a bit of nature indoors with the addition of plants to your bathroom!

Grab a stylish plant pot that suits your bathroom aesthetic, whether it be a large chic, woven planter to sit next to the bath or a small, vibrant clay plant pot to place on the shelf. Or sit a cute terrarium in the bathroom for that touch of nature without having the hassle of something else to take care of!


Storage baskets are another one of my favourite bathroom accessories ideas because they’re both practical and stylish, particularly these Typha belly baskets. Their chic, Scandi appeal is so trendy, as well as sustainable! You can use baskets for pretty much anything, store toilet rolls, towels, laundry, spare soaps, and even blankets for other rooms.


A bathroom should certainly be the most relaxing room in your home, it’s where you scrub up to face the day and where you wash away the day you’ve just completed.  Add a candle or two in the corners for a warm, flickering glow, and even better, add a scented candle to satisfy multiple senses.

Top tips

- Take it one step at a time; start with one area of the bathroom, think about what you want it to look like and what it needs, then move on to the next corner, and so on

- Think of the general aesthetic you want to achieve before you make any purchases, and consider the maintenance it may incur, e.g., white accessories will show dirt faster than others

- Make the most of all floor spaces and corners!

- Keep essentials easily accessible; it's handy to give everything storage but only if it doesn't make life harder on those busy mornings.

One of our best bathroom accessories ideas is reflected in the popularity of our Foldable Typha Belly Baskets. Available in three sizes you can select the one that suits best, e.g., for holding toilet roll, dirty laundry, or towels, or have one of each and never run out of storage. The Typha material offers a super chic look which is also sustainable and eco-friendly – and what’s more stylish than that?

Foldable Typha Belly Basket By Nicola Spring

Our Polyresin constructed bathroom trays add a splash of subtle sophistication to any bathroom, coming in a neutral sand colour, a sleek grey, and a crisp, clean white with an indulging reflective shimmer. They’re perfect for holding all your ointments, creams, and washes so you have yourself a coordinated bathroom suite service!

Resin Bathroom Tray By Harbour Housewares

A bathroom accessory that not only looks great, but makes you feel great is our Bamboo Bath Tray. Crafted from 100% bamboo, it’s a fully sustainable and eco-friendly construction creating an organic bohemian style in your bathroom. It’s the perfect sturdy placeholder for your wine, candles, phone, and book while you lay back and relax. It makes the perfect gift for those whole love a little me time!

Bamboo Bath Tray By Harbour Housewares