Choosing the best sun lounger

Choosing the best sun lounger, whether for you or your business, can be a bit of a whirlwind – there are so many types and styles out there, where do you even start? Our Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Sun Lounger is here to help you by outlining the key differentiating aspects of sun loungers and the main things to consider when choosing the best sun lounger for you. This easy read will have you setting up your ultimate relaxation station in no time.

Types of sun loungers

First things first, when it comes to choosing the best sun lounger for you, you must decide what it is you’re looking for; this means deciding on the type of sun lounger that suits you best. I know you’re thinking, types of sun lounger, aren’t they just beds sunbathing? Well yes, technically, but there are fixed loungers, those that have a permanent position; reclining sun loungers, those that have adjustable back rests; sun lounger chairs, those in a seated position but can also be adjusted; and deck chairs (some people consider these a sun lounger), these usually have a wooden frame with a low fabric seat but have no leg support. Choosing the best sun lounger for you won’t just come from deciding on the type you’d like, it may be that some of these other aspects will determine which sun lounger is best for you.

Powder-Coated Steel

When you’re choosing the best sun longer, you need to consider the durability of a material, as well as the aesthetic, and with powder-coated steel you have the perfect combination. If used, powder-coated steel will form the framework. Powder-coating is much more resilient, durable, and resistant than liquid paint, and it has a sleek finish that is very stylish. Also, if choosing the best sun lounger for you means considering its environmental impact, powder coating is solvent free so has less disposal damage, thus less environmental damage.

Texteline Canvas

Canvas is a very popular material for the bed of a sun lounger due to its incredible strength and resistance. Also, canvas is flexible, making it the perfect material to create a comfortable lounger, and whether used poolside or in the back garden, it’s usually UV and water resistant so you can soak up some rays anywhere. Canvas is especially easy to maintain; simply wipe clean.

Polypropylene Plastic

Polypropylene plastic is the ideal reliable sun lounger that requires little to no maintenance and will always be timeless. Choosing the best sun lounger for you means suiting what you want it for – all these loungers require is a soapy wash down when dirty and they’ll do the rest for you. Usually given UV protection, there will be no fading or cracking, and the lightweight build means you can manoeuvre it wherever you please. However, polypropylene plastic can heat up under intense heat – so that’s important to keep in mind.


Wooden sun loungers are particularly popular for their chic style that is very trendy at the moment; the natural tones of wood can make any environment more calming. Wood does usually incur extra maintenance in comparison to other materials, however, we’re only talking annually, and as I’ve mentioned, when choosing the best sun lounger, the only thing that matters is that it meets your needs.

Side Tables

When you’re lounging in the sun the last thing you want to be doing is having to keep getting up for something, leaning over the bed to reach your glass, or putting your book down on the wet floor or sweaty sun bed! Therefore, choosing the best sun lounger also comes with choosing the best side table – for the whole experience and to have everything at your fingertips. Often you will be able to choose matching side tables to your sun loungers, for example our Andorra side tables match our Master loungers, and our Sussex side tables match our Sussex loungers.

Sun Lounger Cushions

To achieve optimum comfort, of course you want to grab yourself a sun lounger cushion! These give you an extra personal touch to your relaxation set up because sun lounger cushions can come in a whole array of colours and patterns. For example, you can add a bright touch to your garden with green or opt for a more neutral tone with beige. When choosing the best sun lounger cushion, you are best to search for those that are sun and water-resistant, and can easily be cleaned, to save you extra hassle!


Just because you want to be enjoying the nice weather doesn’t mean you want to be under the blazing sun 24/7, so when you’re choosing the best sun lounger, have a look at parasols or sun shades too. You can opt for wooden garden parasols for a striking centrepiece in the garden, or steel parasols for a more lightweight option, perhaps to take to the beach. Sun shades are a great option to tie above areas – in particular children’s play areas.

Practical Features

A few practical features to consider when choosing the best sun lounger for you include any built-in extras; would arm rests be beneficial? A cup holder? Even a phone holder? Also, the transportability; how easy will it be to move around? Does it have wheels? And importantly, storage. Will it be beneficial to have sun loungers that can stack for neat and easy storage, or even loungers that can fold away?

Top tips when choosing the best sun lounger

- Consider what you want out of it; complete relaxation, option to sit upright, ability to transport it easily etc.,

- Choose a material with a level of maintenance you're happy to keep up with

- Choose the aesthetic and style you like

- Consider any accessories you might like to come with the sun lounger, or those you'd like to buy extra

Our most sleek and stylish sun lounger is certainly the Sussex Garden Sun Lounger, available in black, white, and grey, the powder-coated steel framework combined sleek contemporary styling with season-long performance. Paired with a texteline canvas bed that’s UV and water resistant, it’s suited to all aspects of British Summertime (all of them!) so you can lay back and relax. The simple multi-hook system allows multiple reclining angles to seamlessly switch between so you can always lounge with great comfort.

Sussex Garden Sun Lounger by Harbour Housewares

If you’re looking for truly durable, flexible, and practical, the Resol Palamos Sun Lounger is for you. With a Polyresin construction, and added UV resistance, this sun lounger was manufactured in Europe for European conditions guaranteeing you a reliable and durable construction that will last summer after summer. The great feature of this sun lounger is the built-in wheels making it ever so easy for transporting, whether it be to chase the sun around the garden or dragging out your sun lounger to secure the best place by the pool (at 5am!).

Palamos 3 Position Sun Lounger by Resol

Perfect for beach days or packing up and spending the day at a friends’, this canvas beach lounger is made from high-quality canvas material that’s the ultimate blend of lightweight and durable, as well as long-lasting. It folds flat so is easy to store away but is just as easy to unfold and set up, and when it’s in use, you can use the adjustable strap to find the most comfortable position for you! Available in a botanical banana leaf print, and a sleek black.

Folding Canvas Beach Lounger by Harbour Housewares