Photo Frame Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Frame for Your Picture


Once you already know what photos you want to frame, ensure you measure them accurately, so you have all the information in choosing the right size frame for your picture. If you have not yet had your photo printed, be sure to check online how your image looks in all measurements before selecting a size – you need to be sure it won’t appear stretched or blurry.

How to Measure:

1. Place your image on a flat surface

2. Measure the width and length, in inches and centre metres

3. Write it down so you don't forget!

Keep in mind where you want your image. If you’re happy to fit it wherever it will go then great, but if you have a specific place in mind, double check the measurements of your picture will be suitable.

You may come across 2 words when browsing for picture frames: landscape and portrait.


when the width is larger than the length


when the length is shorter than the width


The style you want is an important thing to consider when choosing the right frame for your picture. Firstly, you need to work out what aesthetic you are trying to go for.


If you’re looking for a natural, rustic tone, then choosing the right frame for your picture means going for wood.

Benefit 1 This is very beneficial as wood is greatly durable and will last you a long time, so you can keep that cherished loved one up on the wall for years to come.

Benefit 2 The naturalness of wood creates a charming, homely ambience, so you’re certain to get that loving homey feel whenever you see it.

Wooden Frames


If you are looking for a style you can really make your own, bohemian might be for you.

Benefit 1 Bohemian interiors know how to make a statement and add true character to your home, so whomever you are choosing to place in a bohemian frame will get the exact attention they deserve.

Benefit 2 The bohemian frames we have at Rinkit offer bold lines and dynamic floating effects, with a variation of displays within the frame to really showcase your loved one.  

Bohemian Frames


If you can’t choose just one photo, then opt for a striking collage style to combine all your favourite memories.

Benefit 1 You don’t have to choose just one!

Benefit 2 Collage frames are a show stopping piece of art that catch every eye in the room, so you can develop a theme for your space for an all-round coordinated look.

Collage Frames


Minimalist frames are effective because they ensure all the attention is on the photo, foregrounding the one you love, or the view you thought was ever so beautiful.

Benefit 1 Minimalist frames at Rinkit are made from metal, adding a luxury metallic touch that radiates class and sophistication.

Benefit 2 Metal frames are the ideal combination of sturdy and lightweight, so you can move them around when you needed, but will withstand all the movement that occurs in your home.

Minimalist Frames


Decorative frames mean any frame that has striking detail, e.g., these frames crafted from buffalo bone

Benefit 1 Choosing the right frame for your picture means giving it the love it deserves; a decorative frame will turn heads and catch attention like no other.

Benefit 2 Frames with such detail also make more of a focal point, so if you have a very minimalist room, the decorative design will add to the whole room not just the image.

Decorative Frames


There are two placement issues to consider with choosing the right frame for you picture: the placement in your frame, and the placement of your frame.


When talking about the placement in your frame we mean if you will be matting your picture. Sometimes choosing the right frame for you picture also means adding a mat, this is a border between the photo and the frame. Some photos will need one and others will not, but if you’re making a photo wall, matting is definitely a good idea because it will elevate the images giving a contrasting, collage effect.

With smaller photos, often a mat does look great because it gives
the small image an extra oomph, giving them the space on your wall or side that they deserve.

This isn’t to say larger photos don’t need them, but they will mostly require a much thinner mat as to not take away from the image or overshadow it. A mat on larger photos will give them breathing room.


The more obvious placement is the placement of your frame – where are you going to put it? Are you going to hang it on the wall? Is it going to stand on your dresser?

This is another consideration when choosing the right frame for your picture; it’s no good buying a frame because you love it, but then find out it won’t stand the way you want it.

Similarly, check what the hanging requirements are, if it comes
with a simple wall mount or if you need to buy specific tools for it.

How to Hang your Frame

Now you’ve decided on your frame, you’re choosing the right frame for your picture, with size, style, and placement in mind, it’s time to hang it! Every frame you buy will have different hanging facilities due to its size, weight, and wall mount, so be sure to read your product packaging fully, but these general steps will apply to most types of frames:

1. Firstly, measure and mark up on your wall where the hook needs to go – use a spirit level if hanging more than one picture to ensure they are level!

2. Clear the space below if there’s anything you don’t want to get dust on – stick a Post-It below the mark and fold up the bottom to catch all the dust!

3. Use your hammer to pound in the anchor or nail, or use a screwdriver to insert the screw

4. Hang your frame but remain cautious in case you picture falls.

Of course, if you cannot damage your walls, then command strips are a great alternative. Simply measure and mark up exactly the same, stick your command strips on both surfaces (wall and frame) and hang! Again, remain cautious in case it falls.

Top Tips

- Go with your gut instinct!

- Don't eye-ball it!

- A general rule when hanging is that eye level should land within the bottom half of the picture

- Use a paper template to imagine the picture on the wall

- You can use a spirit level app on your phone if you don't have one!

This frame will bring out the true character of your home with bold and dynamic lines, and the signature 3D look. With a removable spacer frame, you have the option of multiple display positions, so you can create a truly show stopping picture wall – choosing the right frame for your picture has never been so simple!

The Nicola Spring 3D Box Photo Frame – 8x8” – White

For an alternative, subtle look, this Nicola Spring Hanging Floating Photo Frame has a slimline metal frame with a distressed look for that shabby-chic aesthetic. With simple installation, all you need is one single nail and you’re set!

The Nicola Spring Hanging Floating Photo Frame – 8 x 8”

How about if you want a standing frame for your picture? One of our best sellers is the Nicola Spring Rustic Hearts Photo Frame. This frame has two decorative wooden hearts to show a little more love to your photos and combined with the genuine driftwood construction, you will get that charming homely feel all day long.

The Nicola Spring Rustic Hearts Photo Frame – 4x6” – White

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If you love making your own box frame decorations, then check this video out for some inspiration!