Eco Friendly Kitchen Products to Live More Sustainably

When trying to live a more sustainable life, it can be hard to know where to start... There are lots of small things that we can swap in our day-to-day lives that will have a positive impact on the planet, and the best place to start is in the kitchen.

You may think that by making a few changes it won't make a huge difference to the planet however this isn't true. As Sir David Attenborough said -

The actions of just one of us may seem to be trivial and to have no effect. But the knowledge that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are doing the same thing – that really does have an effect.

In this blog I have compiled a list of eco-friendly kitchen products to live more sustainably; so whether you have been transitioning into a more green lifestyle for a while, or if you are completely new to it, keep reading!

Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

Reusable coffee cup and water bottle

In the UK, 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away every year – with less than 1% being properly recycled – and 1 million of them are littered every day. A super simple solution to ensure you are not contributing to these crazy statistics is getting a reusable cup. Even if you live a busy life and like to make multiple coffee stops during the day, all you need to do is take your cup with you. A lot of shops offer a discount when you're using your own cup so It’s a win-win! The same goes for water bottles; Opt for a reusable bottle and simply keepit on you all day and refillit when you need too.

Reusable produce bags

Instead of using the plastic produce bags provided in stores, why not try a reusable produce bag. We are seeing these being used more and more and it is a fantastic and easy solution to plastic. Reusable produce bags are an easy eco-friendly kitchen product swap. You can buy loose fruit and vegtables in a supermarket and put them straight into your reusable cotton bags. Cotton bags will actually keep your produce fresher for longer, as the material allows them to breathe. This is also great to reduce food waste in your home.

Stainless steel and paper straws

Help say goodbye to plastic straws by getting yourself some reusable or biodegradable straws. You can still enjoy your favourite drink (Is it just me that thinks they taste better through a straw?!) without any environmental consequences. These are great for home use, if you are having a party or even just to keep in your bag for when you are out and about.

Reusable Paper Towels

If you ever have the option to have a one-use disposable item or a reusable one - it should be a no brainer. Something that usually goes unnoticed in terms of waste is paper towels. Reusable paper towels are an excellent solution so you can still clean up after your little ones, fury friends -or yourself if like me you are are a spiller - without the huge waste. You don't need to spend huge amounts on reusable paper towels and can even make them yourself. All you need to do is to cut up some old towels or cloths into small squares, sew each side and place them inside a mason jar. These work an absolute treat and can be kept ready at your disposal whenever that likely accident happens.

Reusable cotton shopping bag

According to waste management, only 1% of plastic bags are returned to the store for recycling, the rest all ends up in landfill where it cannot decompose. Reduce your impact by switching to eco-friendly kitchen product alternative aka a reusable bag! There are so many options out there and they are fast becoming more of a trend so you can find one to suit any style.


When food waste gets thrown in a normal bin it cannot properly biodegrade. If you haven’t got one already, I certainly recommend getting a compost bin. This allows you to store and dispose of all your household food waste in one safe place. Once it’s full, simple remove the inner liner and dispose of the waste into a compost in the garden, wormery or depending on where you live, you can have it picked up by the council or a food waste disposal company.

Reusable food wrap

Replace single use clingfilm with this eco-friendly kitchen product. Reusable food wraps are perfect for anytime you have leftovers or something that needs covering. These can be washed and used over and over again- typically lasting for around 1 year. Just think of how much plastic you will be saving. Go and Wrapit!

Reusable Silicone Bag

his invention is a true gamechanger when it comes to eco-friendly kitchen products. A normal ziploc bag is not designed to be used more than once. The solution you have all been waiting for - the reusable silicone bag. This can be used for your sandwiches, leftover fruit or vegetables or just some well needed snacks to get you through the day. They are see through so you can easily see what's in them, you can cook with them, clean them, or even freeze them! Food grade silicon is completely safe and will not release anything nasty onto your food or into the environment. Washit, Microwaveit, Freezeit, Reuseit.

Loose tea or coffee filters

We English love our tea, but did you know some tea bags actually contain microplastics which are harming the environment? Neither did I until recently! An eco-friendly kitchen product alternative is loose tea. This isn’t as messy or time consuming as you might initially think. All you need is a tea strainer and your favourite loose tea. You can even purchase a teapot with an inbuilt tea strainer for the perfect insta-worthy brew.

Eco cleaning products

A lot of cleaning products such as scouring pads have microplastics in them not to mention wet sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria meaning you should throw them away weekly. Sounds super wasteful to me! Wooden brushes with plant based bristles do not have this problem and last a lot longer than a normal sponge. Most plant based dish brushes are made from 100% coconut fibre which are also compostable at the end of its life as well as being tough on grease so you aren't compromising and can still scrubit. Say goodbye to that soggy microplastic sponge!

Party favourites

Ditch the red cup for the party favourite beer pong and instead opt for these plant based cups which are 100% compostable and recycled and still convenient for parties or when you are out and about. As well as the above you can also get an eco-friendly kitchen product alternative of compostable Plates, Bowls and  utensils. Show your guests/friends how you're environmentally conscious and impress them with these easy swaps. They are unbleached, microwavable, solid and liquid food safe as well as oil resistant and contain no artificial coating, wax chlorine or bleach. They will be decomposed in a matter of weeks rather than hundreds of years. They are fantastic all round and you'll be glad you usedit!

Bamboo bowls and tray

Bamboo is an organic and sustainable material; it is naturally anti-bacterial making it the perfect eco-friendly kitchen product. It is naturally biodegradable however this does not impact its strength and structure. Our bamboo trays are perfect for breakfast in bed, to carry some cheeky drinks for you and your friends or even to display your favourite candles or flowers. As well as this, we have a range of bamboo plates which are a mealtime revolution. Made from bamboo fibres, they are incredibly resilient and the fantastic suction cup stops little ones knocking the plate and food all over the floor. Bamboo is also heat resistant to keep tiny fingers protected. This is a great eco-friendly kitchen product that not only helps the planet but I'm sure will help parents everyone stop pulling their hair out...

Compostable bin bags

It can take up to 1,000 years for 1 bin bag to decompose. A compostable bin bag on the other hand will begin to break down within weeks! These make the perfect liner for your normal bin as well as the compost bin.


Sustainable living starts with small changes that make big differences; you can doit!  

I hope this blog has helped you understand how simple it is to reduce your carbon footprint without dramatically changing your lifestyle.  I trust this has shown you some easily accessible eco-friendly kitchen products that will add guilt-free style to your kitchen!

"We have a responsibility, every one of us… we may think we live a long way from the oceans, but we don’t. What we actually do here, and in the middle of Asia and wherever, has a direct effect on the oceans – and what the oceans do then reflects back on us.” – Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet II, 2017

If you use any of my above suggestions, please tag us @RINKIT or #RINKIT on Instagram, we'd love to see how you are living more sustainably! 

Reuseit, Saveit, Recycleit, and most importantly Enjoyit

As always, thank you so much for reading.  

Until next time...

Love, Georgina Hannan and the Rinkit team

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